Heal Shadow Self

Winter Solstice Reading

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What is the essence of your inner shadow self?

The ability to understand and forgive. Diverging perspectives have brought forth a new consciousness that spreads it’s influence. The resurrection asks for changes to be recognised. It heralds improvement, completion, motivation and inspiration. There is a new way of life, when we follow this calls, everything changes and consciousness is awakened.

What can you learn from your shadow self?

There is intuition and spiritual strength of vision. You will be resistant to bullshit and willpower will be high. A powerful and grounded attitude. Integrity and strength on all mental and emotional levels.

How can you bring light to your shadow self?

A choice that will break hearts, painful revelation of thoughts concerning love and Trinity of family, acknowledge the grief and negative thinking.

What lights you up from within?

Starting of new projects by burning away obstacles, truth and authenticity. Strength, action and enthusiasm, there is desire and energy, reignited spark of life and creation.

What new seeds are you planting?

Determination and strength, establishing limitations and boundaries, practical and concrete actions, don’t let avarice tempt you.

What do you need to release in order to create space for growth?

Release fear and negative thinking, fear of romantic and financial devastation, attempt to stop something with violence.

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