Why Meditate, Heal or have Faith when everything is Pre-Destined?

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QUESTION: You had said, that everything is pre-destined, pre-planned, so why worry. Please, explain in detail that if everything is pre-planned, then why should we still have faith meditation or healing?

ANSWER: Simple Explanation

Meditate & Heal

1.To give you the strength to accept the Divine Will –  that which cannot be changed or altered

2. Courage to deal with life challenges and use your freewill to alter and change things for the better

3. To gain  wisdom to know the above two points difference. That’s what we were taught in schools too.

Detailed Explanation – Yes, it’s true that everything was planned by us (our soul) before we incarnated just to equate our Karmas. Then why meditate, healing and have faith? Here are the following reasons :

  1. See when you have Faith in Divine Creator or meditate on your own self or soul, you are gaining control over yourself. You become a Master, that means you are not getting influenced by anyone or anything, not even influenced by the worldly drama wherein you are the actor. You don’t react to situations. During meditations, an etheric channel with your soul and Divine cosmos is strengthened which guides you to view your life with a positive, higher perspective. This etheric cord pulls you, reinforce your life, to avoid getting trapped in dense emotions of complaining, cribbing, hurts and guilts. You become an observer, observing self and your actions, therefore you approach in a proactive and detached manner, and because of this you would rarely accumulate more negative Karmas through negative thoughts, emotions, thoughts, deeds, perceptions.
  2. Next why heal yourself, even when all life incidences are bound to occur? I explained above about meditation the concentration technique. Now, Healing is ability to tap in energies of Divine Cosmos, and become an Energy healing channel to heal self and others. Now when you heal self, you are healing yourself physically from various diseases, mentally for all strength and courage, emotionally for all ego, hatred, hurts, greed, insecurities, fears and karmically for letting go of past and  people who have hurt you and learning and growing from your mistakes. So healing is just a medicine that cleanses you at all levels, dissolving all toxic energies, so that you are light, happy and contented from within.
  3. While meditation helps in getting in touch with your soul energies, knowing yourself, gaining wisdom and understanding to experience the journey of life with love, gratitude and grace. Healing helps us aligning, cleansing and balancing our mental, emotional, physical and karma profile of our soul, keeping all dense negative energies at bay, so that we keep on ’maintaining the pace’ of experiencing the life journey and fulfill the soul mission.. Moreover we are given some percentage of freewill which we can exercise to change things for the better via meditations and healings…


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