Why are your prayers being unheard?

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Prayers to the Lord

Many of you pray and pray and you feel ,you are not being heard. Do you know? Its because the words you might be using may be incorrect.

First foremost rule #1

Always pray/ask from God from a space of abundance, in complete alignment with your higher self/ God and never from victimhood, lack etc. The message will go right across and be heard.

Rule no #2

Choose your words carefully. Always use positive affirmations and never use negative words or the word “NOT” “DON’T” etc. Focus on what you want and not what you don’t want.

Rule no #3

Always begin with a Gratitude and end with a Gratitude before and after your prayers. It is important to always be in Gratitude. Gratitude will attract more blessings and allow the manifestation/ prayers to be heard soon. It’s a part of the prayer.

Rule no #4

Always ask for forgiveness because every unfulfilled desire will not manifest as its karmically connected to your past and that’s the reason it gives you pain and maybe you need to go through the incompletion. Forgiveness will hasten the process of prayers being heard as it can open many knots of the past for a smooth flow of future.

Rule no #5

Take one step at a time. Whenever you have a larger goal, focus and pray for the first small step. If you will keep praying for the whole goal to manifest it may or may not happen maybe because it’s too far fetched and it may require a patient prayer. But if you focus on the small steps you might see the results and get more positive and reach your final goal quicker. Prayers will be seen answered.

Rule no #6

Ask for a sign – Once you  pray ask for a sign whether you’re on the right track and whether your prayers will be answered. There are many ways to ask for this.

Rule no #7

Surrender once you prayed- After you pray you must “SURRENDER”. You must lay the trust in the Divine that they have heard your prayers and everything will work in your favour and manifest in its “DIVINE TIMING”.

Rule no#8

Do not get angry at God – When your prayers take time or are not answered you tend to get angry at God, at life. You need to have patience and wisdom to understand that God is hearing everything but he can see the larger picture and he knows more than your limited mind can ever know. So when you pray end it with “only if it’s for the larger good of all involved”.

Rule no#9

Be responsible for what you ask – Asking is very easy. Your limited mind may ask you many things and you may pray and get them too. But you must owe up to what you must ask for. And live with it as it will not only affect you but also those around you.


Its very important to understand that you are an energy body, full of karmic layers and it’s your karma that leaves you disturbed/ restless in your own desires/suffering/pain.

When you are in oneness with God , there is no pain/suffering  nor any desires. Surrendering the outcome of your prayer to God and knowing the Universe will do whatever it is needed to make it happen but it’s a puzzle and will take its time to fall into place.

There are certain lessons that that you have come here , to learn in a certain experience and unless you learn it, the experience will not leave you. So ,always ask what do I have to learn from this experience ? Or the experience will continue despite your prayers.


There are certain karmas that you must go through:-

1. Sanchitta karma: This karma you have to go through come what may. It wont change even with prayers. So your prayers should be ,to give you strength and patience to go through it. Some of it’s not manifested now, it’s a part of karmic account too.
2. Prarabdha karma: it sometimes cannot be changed. But with prayers you can surely bring down the time span or make it a bit lighter. But will have to go through it.
3. Agami karma: They are your actions , that will constantly create your future karma.  You are sowing the seeds now. So always owe up to what you want in life.

Praying is an art and to pray right is a blessing. No rituals are needed. Just right intention and a pure heart to get your desires fulfilled. Praying is talking to God, so always remember to begin with Gratitude and end with Gratitude. Gratitude is the highest form of prayer!


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