Weekly Readings ( 27th June 2022 – 3rd July 2022)

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Weekly Readings ( 27th June 2022 – 3rd July 2022)

Card – Overgrown

Deck – Wisdom Within oracle card deck

Interpretation – This card draws our attention to the areas or aspect of life which we have either neglected or overlooked . Because we have ignored that area if our life , we are creating blockages to receiving blessings and abundance. This card guides us that some aspect of our life is just stagnant and that’s stopping us to evolve and grow .. It could be cleaning our wardrobes, or tracking our expenses or following healthy lifestyle, or self care or or reviewing the relationship etc. It could be anything . This card simply reminds us to address the issues and find solutions in order to revive the colours and beauty of life..

Activity for this Week
1. Review yourself – Review yourself and every aspect of life – physically, mentally, financially, spiritually, emotionally in terms of inter-personal and intra-personal relationships. Rate yourself in every area of life .

2. Fill the gap – Now in whichever are of life , you think you neglected or ignored , against that write your desire .. Now fill the gap of your current situation with respect to desired situation through various solutions.

3. Apply solutions in life – Getting solutions are very easy but acting and applying in your life can actually bring miracles in your life .

Remember your Life is yours , it’s a gift , Celebrate it!

Loads of Love and Light

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