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“Oh, you’re a healer. You must be living the best life.” 

“I’m pretty sure you avoid all the obstacles and challenges even before they appear.” 

“You must be living such a happy life.” 

These are a few things we hear as healers.

This is a poem I wrote on one night, when I was feeling extremely low and sad. It’s a raw unedited version so don’t judge my writing skills yet.


Loving you from afar 

It started the moment I saw you, 

Now my heart won’t let you go.

Secrets I keep,

In the oceans deep. 

My heart won’t speak, 

But it’s only you I seek. 

The angelic face I see in you, 

Now my heart won’t let you go. 

Words fail me when I try to speak, 

But it’s only you I seek. 

Why can’t I tell you now, 

I love and how! 


Just because we’re healers doesn’t mean we don’t go through issues, problems and lows. 

We are humans first. Healers second. We HURT, ACHE, CRY AND we BREAK. Sometimes, SHATTER too. Then we HEAL !


2 thoughts on “WE ARE HUMANS TOO”

  1. Sometimes comments are a little different!
    If you are such a healer how come you have such issues!

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