Understanding a Healer

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Who is a Healer?

An unconditional and a compassionate heart can access the Divine to become a healer. They truly have a gift which is very special and should not be taken for granted. It needs a lot of empathy and selflessness to listen to peoples problems one after another and understanding their pain.
A healer knows how to hold space for the client and gives them a ear to make them feel they are being heard. It requires a lot of self discipline and meditations to clear their own energies, which they have absorbed from hearing others pain and their dark side like a sponge. The client feels lighter and walks off and the healer lands up carrying the baggage and clearing it through their body at times.
They need to constantly cut cords and vacuum their own energies. It’s a difficult task and a constant process of healing and clearing self and others.

Importance of Energy Exchange

It’s very important to understand that, when one goes to a healer- what really happens and what is their job. Its seen many a times, people wonder, what did healer the healer do and hesitate to pay the required amount of fees. As nothing tangible is seen, since everything is happening in the intangible world, there is no proof of what happens here.
BUT, doesn’t your feeling become lighter or the problem suddenly seems to be resolved or you find a clarity in how to deal with an issue. They can guide you, because they are working energetically on your auras. Aren’t all these signs enough that the healer has worked with your energy system and cleared a block of karmic energy.
When one goes to a doctor or a lawyer, can you not pay or pay less and come back. They take their fees regardless of your financial issues but it is expected from a healer to understand that the client has issues and so they can pay less.
One thing is to be understood here, is that the healer also has a house to run and needs food to eat. All the expertise along with their personal gifts, there has been a lot of investment by them on various courses and refining their skills  and talents. So its very unjust to say that the healer should understand.

Respect Healers

A healer is taken for granted and expected to understand. What a client forgets is that the healer is also human and has come with their own set of karmas. They are also resolving, clearing issues along the way and using their skills for doing their job that is to heal.

Making an irresponsible statement like if the healer has not healed his life how can he help me. No life can be fully healed ever. It’s a process and everyone is working on themselves and their lives and using the skills on their lives to transform before they are ready to touch yours.
In fact a healer mostly has a traumatic life and they have gone into healing majorly because, they have understood how healing has changed their life and they have become healer themselves. And also as an end results knows exactly how it feels in pain and suffering- is an empath.

Respect their time & space

If someone takes one session and then calling them endlessly for different topics and clarity is certainly only permissible. It drains the healers a lot for unnecessarily expending their energies. You may feel that it’s just a question or it’s just a matter of 5 minutes. If a client has done a reading from a tarot reader and paid then, they will expect them to do few more free readings.

Its certainly not permissible or again justice for what the reader has already given you. A client maybe invading their personal time and intruding into their personal space with their woes. And if the reader refuses they are labelled as not so great readers etc. They are immediately abused and every good intention or energy given is forgotten.
One must understand even after readings and healing, its finally the will of God that will prevail. So, its very wrong, to blame the healer or the reader for not getting the result, they had anticipated or predicted They have given the best possibility and the best understanding of the situation as channeled by them. But the choices and the actions that you have taken have led to your outcome for the highest good of all. So it must be respected.

Healer is not a GOD but an Energy Channel!

Then the expectation from a healer is very high and they are placed in position next to Guru. They are praised to a level of giving them status of a Guru. This is also not a great place to be in. The healers are humans like you, whose gifts have opened up. They have guardian angels and spirits helping  them with their work. But they are not Gods or Gurus. Fanning their ego will take them on the wrong path.
It takes a lot to stay humble and to understand ,that one is not a doer and are just a channel for their Divine working through them. Placing them unnecessary on a pedestal to which they do not belong just because you have a habit of over doing things or it’s a  part of your culture is incorrect.
The healer is also human he or she may allow his ego  to overpower him which can be dangerous eventually. They surely must be praised appropriately for their work and paid their required fees for their work is acknowledging their authentic work and keeps them grounded too.

FACT- Healing only works for Highest Good!

Last but not the least,  is about someone wanting to heal a situation or wanting to control a situation. There is a very thin line between healing and controlling the situation. Healing is clearing the baggage and still open to whatever is the outcome for the highest good. And controlling is wanting an outcome which is in accordance to your likes and dislikes. That’s not possible. Pressurizing the healer, to bring in changes according to what one wants is not how healing works. That’s called black magic and not healing.

Then you might need tantriks not healers. If you want healing to be done, then do not expect things will happen in your way. They will happen for highest good of all and everyone will be at peace immediately. The end outcome will be happy and peaceful.
Another aspect is wanting instant results out of healing. The issues that are given to be cleared are in your energy system since years or maybe even past lifetimes. So how can you expect, it to give an outcome in a few days. Sometimes it takes months for results to show. The healer has to heal it meticulously every single day to heal a certain issue and the outcome is not a guarantee. Their hard-work should be appreciated and acknowledged.
A healer only triggers a response within us to heal ourselves. They transmute the Light into our darkness so we can heal ourselves.They empower us to deal with our issues and help us feel strong enough to walk our paths again!!!!

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  1. Being a healer myself I resonate with every word expressed so articulately by Anita.
    The efforts taken by a healer are taken very lightly by many and I hope this article will open up their mind once and for all. Thanks Anita it is indeed a very good article

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