Unconditional Love is what we are

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People often ask- what exactly is Unconditional love?

The word itself says to love anyone and everyone without any conditions or expectations. That’s right. But how does one inculcate this value? Interesting indeed.

You can shower unconditional love to everyone around ONLY if you have mastered self unconditional love. You fill in yourself with so much love that love starts (over) flowing to others surrounding you and keeps spreading.

Let’s go more deeper with this subject. Understand, when you have developed self love, then you automatically complete yourself. Your happiness doesn’t depend on others. That means, you no longer expect anything from others to fulfill your wish, or make you happy. You are now self sufficient.

Once you are able to fulfil your needs, nothing can affect you anymore. You are never hurt or disappointed if you are not reciprocated.

So, this self unconditional love changes your perception too. You realize you are unique, so is everyone. You are perfect and precious child of Divine Creator and so is everyone. Find Divinity in yourself, everyone, and everything!

All we need to do is to go deeper, find ourselves, love ourselves and complete ourselves and gradually we instill in us this value unconditional love.
We all are Divine 🙏😇❤️