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Twin flame Reiki

Twin Flame Concept: 

Everything in this universe has one masculine and one feminine polarity energy. How is electricity produced? When plug (male) is inserted in switch point (female). Right? Similarly, our whole soul is comprised of masculine and feminine polarity. Twin flames simply means two halves (masculine and feminine) of the same soul. Examples of Twin Flames – Shiv-Parvati and Radha-Krishna. So everyone has one a twin flame, that has same soul vibrational frequency, same higher self, and same soul signature, though the karmic lessons and lower selves are different for twin flames.

Difference between Soulmate, Karmic and Twin Relationship? 

Soulmate relationship – is a very very comforting relationship that’s always very encouraging and beautiful. Your friends and companions are your soul mates.

Karmic relationship – is more about dealing with the Karmas of thoughts, emotions, feelings, deeds with others on basis of your past lifetimes. They are generally your bloodline relationships, enemies etc.

There are many soulmate and karmic relationships with you but you would have only one twin flame and your twin flame will give you a roller coaster ride of your self – strengths, weakness, darkness, love, hatred but only of you and yourself only.


Twin Flame Reiki

It modality connects to that ray of Divine universal energies, that helps us to regain connection with our Twin flame (other half of soul) which will then enhance and balance our masculine and feminine attributes within us.

Our heart chakra expands due to which we also inculcate unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance .

We then feel complete from within.. That completeness is the ultimatum of spirituality.

Now, when we feel complete from within, then we can easily bear any challenges that come in way of life, relationships or even Twin flame union journey, if twin flame has incarnated in physical reality..

In case, your Twin Flame has incarnated, then energies of this Twin flame, would help to unite with him/her. In case not incarnated, then this modality will strengthen connection with twin flame at energetic level, seek guidance of soul mission, karma lessons and be enlightened.

Soulmate Reiki

It is a wonderful healing modality with a powerful symbol, which not only helps in attracting a romantic ( as well as non- romantic/friendship) relationship, but also helps us to let go of painful past broken relationship.

This modality also helps to synchronize the vibrations between two people or helps in matching auras of two people which enhances compatibility beyween two people, leading to a success in a relationship.


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So, Are You Ready to Embark on this Beautiful Spiritual Journey with Twin Flame Reiki & Soulmate Reiki ?

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