The Weary Traveler

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My soul is weary traveler, dry and dead;

Whence, the first shower of spring, pour onto me,

I shall Bloom again,

My figure is deformed, worn out and old,

Whence, the first grain will sprout in the field

I shall be Full again,

My heart is broken, now have cracks and holes

Whence, I shall be reborn, from the womb

of compassion,

I shall be ‘HUMAN’ once again.


Tell me what you want me to do?

This life is full of miseries for you,

Would you like to reborn or remain dead till eternity?


I am in heaven now, I been into hell,

I have become lazy,

Don’t wish to relive again.


Tell me what you wish to have as a boon?

I still do not know,

I need to move on,

I am very tired and weary!


My dear soul !  Listen …

“I have found the remedy of your pain”

“I found the medicine of your wounds”

I found a soul mate to heal your ‘Broken Heart’.



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