Tarot 2021

Tarot Guidance for 2021

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Tarot Guidance for 2021 – Lets have a quick look into the New Year


Tarot 2021
Tarot Spread by Moumita

Since we are entering a beautiful new year 2021, having some understanding on how the energies will be may help us being prepared. For an example, you are going outdoors and you listen to the weather forecast that it may rain so you can take precautions and carry umbrella or raincoat.

Similarly, with tarot guidance you can stay aware about the energies that may affect you so you stay prepared. However, you can also work your karma or deeds along with prayers and healing to stay safe, being protected and manifesting your desires in a better way.

I have divided the reading quarterly along with the law of attraction for finances and health as they play a major role everyone’s life.

You may say is this reading for you? Well, it’s a generic reading and it’s meant for anyone who is looking for guidance and come across this reading. Nothing is a mere coincidence.

January 2021 to March 2021

What a beautiful beginning of the year with the World card. The first quarter will be blessed with happiness, achievement and completion. The hard work you have put in the past will bring results. It’s time to celebrate. So, pat on your back and be proud of your achievements and success.  Some of you may also travel to a new place, a new city or abroad. Do not forget to be more humble and express your gratitude. Also, if you have some unfinished task in hand, it’s time to complete them and move forward.

April 2021 to June 2021

 This quarter, your intuition will be very strong and they will guide you for your highest good. You are growing as a wiser being and more knowledgeable.  Many truths will be unveiled in front of you.  They may be harsh truth but the time has come that you know the truth, whatever it may be.  This card also means, don’t reveal all your plans or important data to anyone and everyone. Keep them to yourself or share only with people whom you trust completely. Your creativity and knowledge will be at best possible position in this phase.  So spread your wings – you are limitless, you are powerful. Stay grounded, stay humble and listen to your powerful intuition. It’s also a good time to meditate and stay connected to your higher self. Express gratitude to your ancestors. If you believe in angels and spirit guides, do remember them often for guidance. They will be happy to help you.

July 2021 to September 2021

Well, some of you are still in the state of fear and anxiety! So you are manifesting what can probably go wrong.  You spend your nights worrying about what’s next? Your fears are manifesting gradually. If you know the LAW OF ATTRACTION, your vibes attract the similar energy so be very sure of what you think, how you talk to yourself, what you keep repeating with yourself and others. Time cannot be smooth always but how you deal with the challenges helps your grow wiser and more mature. For an example, we had a really tough year in 2020. Many people have lived in complete fear, panic and anxiety. I personally know many people who have not stepped out of their home, didn’t let anyone visit their home either yet they were tested positive with Covid 19. It’s absolutely important to maintain safety protocols but living under the state of fear, anxiety will only make the situation worse and weaken the immune system. So it’s advisable to look at any difficult situation as a challenge and also think of a solution rather than being under constant fear and anxiety.  Another example, if there is a job loss, rather than being in the state of shock, anxiety and fear; be thankful that you have got a chance to explore something fresh. You never know, this might be a blessing in disguise. So, look at your strengths and opportunities around you. Step out of your comfort zone to explore your hidden talents.

It’s indeed easy to suggest but difficult to be hopeful in challenging situations. However, choice is yours.

October 2021 to December 2021

All well that ends well. The year will end with happiness, satisfaction and optimism. This quarter will also come with achievement and success. You will be passionate in whatever you do resulting a huge success. Your charisma, your aura will shine bright with creativity, happiness and confident. Everyone around you will be mesmerized.  This quarter will bring your creative ideas in front of everyone and your creativity will be appreciated. I feel you will be appreciated and successful at your work / job / business at this phase.  There is no looking back at this time as you will be following your passion freely.

Women who are planning to conceive they may get the good news that that you have been waiting for.

With the energy of the cards, I strongly feel, the year 2021 will be a year for WOMEN.  The feminine energy is very strong. By saying so, I mean

  • The women across world will contribute in a huge way in healing, in nurturing, in developing or shaping the nation
  • Women will stand by each other – building the bond stronger and better
  • Many women will come out breaking the societal stereotype
  • Women will prove themselves over and again in every field that they are magical and powerful beings
  • The intuitive power of the women will be very high in 2021
  • 2021 will be the year to explore, accept and honor your divine famine
  • So, the men may ask, won’t there be anything for them? Well, everyone has both masculine and feminine side. The men may find a fine knack towards more artistic things. They will honor their feminine being more than before and there is nothing wrong in it. They too will break the regressive societal stereotypes

General Energy for Finance in 2021

2021 will be a year of manifestation as your intuition will be very strong.  You will transform what you think. If you live in the “lack” state of mind, you will always be in the lack state. Complaining will not make your life better in any which way. So shift your attention to the brighter side. Make it a habit.  Look around, count your blessings. If you have a shelter, if you have food, if you have friends and family then consider yourself very lucky. The state of gratitude will always keep your blessed and in state of abundance.

General Energy for Health in 2021

How many of us count our calories before eating what we are craving for? For an example, I am really craving for some dessert, say ice cream and I order for an ice cream. However, seeing the ice cream I start thinking in my mind of how much calories and sugar I am consuming and how it is going to affect my health, my weight etc.  So what kind of energy I am attracting while eating the food I am craving for? I am telling my cells how harmful the ice cream is for me.

So in such situation you can do a few things,

  • If you are a healer, heal the food so that there is no negative emotions associated with the food
  • Heal yourself regularly and manifest your healthy being. By doing so, you will not have the cravings for food that are not healthy for you
  • Surround yourself with more natural and healthy food
  • Love yourself more with every passing day

I hope many of you resonate with the guidance. It’s a generic reading so if you do not resonate, release it to the universe.

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