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When you are standing on a cliff holding hands with your beloved

Whilst the lush valley below equally lovable calls you to take a leap,

And you do not know whether to hug your beloved tight

Or to let go and dive in the unknown vista of your love,

Just close your eyes and surrender!


When expectations grasp your neck in suffocation

Whilst your heart faraway sings a song of gypsies unheard,

And you don’t know whether to give in to insistence unkind,

Or to dance with the symphony divine,

Just close your eyes and surrender!


When your conscience is martyred by your doings,

Whilst your admittance pronounce your acquittal righteous,

And you stand stuck in another cock and bull story

Awaiting resurrection; for truth to pierce apart fabrication,

Just close your eyes and surrender!


Let the most potent force in the universe,

The most intoxicating essence carry you

From the storm of conundrum turbulent

To the shore of miracle tranquil


Take a step back before a step forward

Embrace vulnerability only for a moment

Only for a moment, my love,

Just close your eyes and surrender!

4 thoughts on “Surrender”


  2. Very beautifully expressed… and specially this lines .. “Just close your eyes…and surrender!” I am your biggest fan and follower madam…😍💫

  3. I am going to take a printout of this and read it on auto suggestion mode.. very beautifully written poem.

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