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Michio Kaku raises a profound thought in his book ‘Parallel Worlds’; ” Every second there is a new big bang happening somewhere in the universe”

Similarly, something is dying and taking birth in us every single moment. We have the power to transform our thoughts every second and create an ever expanding inner universe for own soul to smile in.

Dive into this poem:-

Sands shine from the stars

Yet at sight, throbs barren.

Breathless heart, A prisoner.

Hears the soul, turtle in a coil

A sigh. A tear. A cheer.

Entangled, yet a clear Moirai*.


Arched Mind, Anchored KA*.

Against. Arraign. Astute.

The heart of the soul, at  test

The sight of the soul, at arrest.

The feet of the soul, an oast.


The furnace is the soul.

It shall burn like an eternal fire.

The dimed coal is exhausted.

Yet a whole in is each soul.

A last breath, charcoal remains.


The dust of coal and sand

Knits constantly like veins.

Moving, grooving, and thriving

Like clots of blood  that breathes QI*.


Breathing the light of others,

I fly away like a flake of dust

My dust shall  leave  a grain of my sand.

Somewhere I shall remain.

In the sand, forever until I am risen again

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