Seven colours of Beauty


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Beauty has its 7 colours,

The first one is calm Violet
Giving peace and rest
The example is death at it’s best

Next comes regretful Indigo
Having many guilts
And there we have our old age
In which it is built

With silence, the Blue comes in
Without a word gets sad and dim
It is a ocean deep
And with it maturity reaps

Now we present our chirpy Green
Beautiful and fresh has it been
Only once in life we enjoy
Our youth, the greenish joy

And here we have shining Yellow
It is the brightest and prettiest fellow
Just like our brightest stage
Shining in life our teenage

Oh! Please come , the innocent Orange
No hesitation and no range
Sitting innocently there
We all have our childhood here

The last one is best of all

With love, comes Red to all
Presented by God in small package
Innocently sitting in the lap of mommy
There laughs a beautiful baby


  1. तुम बहुत खास हो,
    कुदरत की हसीन किताब हो,
    अल्फाजों में तुम्हारी खूबियां कहना मुश्किल
    यकीनन बहुत नायाब हो।

    Well defined and very beautiful.

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