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We meet all types of people on this planet good, bad and evil. Though these characteristics are all based on our belief or perception about something. Sometimes we are just plain incompatible with people or in an abusive or toxic relationship and have to get out of it as soon and as smoothly as possible. This is when I channeled the “Separation Grid”.

This grid can be made only by Reiki Masters who have been attuned to this symbol.


Separation Grid
Separation Grid (Channeled by Sunetra)

I have drawn the Diagram of the grid above and essentially it has only on symbol which is the symbol of Raku.

Raku is a symbol which was taught to me in Reiki Teachership and it is not only to separate energies but also ground ourselves. I had used this symbol successfully for self, when I wanted to cut off from someone. I use to visualise that person and draw Raku between us, and seal it with reverse power symbol.

Though it worked, I wanted to come up with something more potent, especially because I use to get so many cases which had 2 people in an abusive or toxic relationship and the person did not know how to get out of it!

That is when I created this grid! Though the grid looks very simple with only one symbol, it is extremely powerful. One may feel free to add other symbols. I use sometimes Gajanan Vinayak Reiki Symbols or Karmic Reiki Symbols, whichever I am guided to.


Apart from the Raku symbol, I used 3 types of crystals which are Hematite, Blue Apatite and Green calcite.

The reasons for selection of these crystals are as follows:-

  1. Hematite – Hematite helps to dispel negativity from within and surroundings, balances our chakras, grounds us and brings stability in our lives. It also makes us help think practically and take firm decisions.
  2. Blue Apatite – Clears away confusion and apathy, and helps one work on their goals and achieve it. Helps to understand the truth and promotes independence. Also an excellent stone to have clear communication as it works with our throat chakra and get solution to your problems creatively.
  3. Green Calcite – Helps in positive transformation, radiates calming energies, removing any stagnant energy in your home. It is also a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. Green calcite healing properties include restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit. It works with the heart chakra to bring emotional balance and relieve any stress you may feel. It helps to dissolve old energy patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back. Green Calcite assists during times of mental change or big transitions. Use Green Calcite to help release the comfortable, old programs that you may be holding on to but which no longer serve you. A peaceful stone, Green Calcite can help one to look at situations differently, with the knowledge that, whether good or bad, “This too, shall pass”.


Let me know explain how the grid works:

  1. Draw the Raku symbol at the centre of the page
  2. Keep photographs of the 2 people who are being incompatible
  3. One may add additional symbols, but that is totally upto you
  4. The Grey circles represent the crystal Hematite, Blue circle represents Blue Apatite and the Green circle represents Green Calcite. One may also keep Carnelian if either of the concerned partners have abandonment issues or even Rhodonite or Rose Quartz if no self love.
  5. Give healing to the grid for 21 days; ensure no one else touches the grid.
  6. After 21 days, give gap of a week and repeat if necessary.


This grid is multipurpose

  • I also used it for myself to separate and get rid of my excessive body fat
  • Negative karmas.
  • Vows, promises and contracts across space life and dimensions which does not serve me any purpose.

Till now it has given me a spectacular result.


One question that may arise in everyone’s mind is what if people try to use it negatively, well we all know that reiki works for the greatest and highest good, and only what is best for you will manifest.

Here I will like to quote a personal example. My ex boyfriend had a “friend” who was too close for comfort. Though she was married, I was not comfortable with the vibe she gave me, and most of the time, I felt like a third wheel when we 3 had to hang out together (which I hated but he insisted!).

I set up the grid between her and my boyfriend, what happened was my boyfriend dumped me on my birthday via whatsapp message in 2017, and a few months later I came to know she had a baby which belonged to my “now ex boyfriend”.

All I am trying to explain with my personal and embarrassing experience is if the person is not right for you he or she will go out, I have used it successfully to separate toxic or abusive relationships which are personal or professional.


You can use separation grid , in any situation from which you will like to separate. Anything that had been troubling you for a while.

It’s possible, If a person comes back even after the separation grid, they will now meet in good terms and a healthier relationship but not necessary with the same dynamics which was before.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article, and do give me your feedback, I take all the love and hate with equal enthusiasm! 😀


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