Sati for union of lovers

SATI-Symbol for Relationship

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Let us now learn about Sati Symbol. This symbol is used to strengthen or union of right relationships and separation wrong relationships. To use this symbol, Reiki Healer must be attuned to four symbols i.e till master Level as well has regular practice in Karuna Reiki too. Since this symbol is of master and grandmaster level, Healer knows the power of that . Those, who have not got it in a master or grand master level, can take the separate attunement for this symbol. This Symbol can also used with crystal grids also.

This symbol is used in two ways :-

1) SATI for Union / Reunion / Integration / Mergingūüíė
2) SATI for separation of wrong relationshipūüíĒ

SATI for Union / Reunion / Integration / Merging.

We can use this symbol in a situation:-

  • Where two people expect¬†love from each other and having a lack of support from surroundings and time
  • Desire the satisfaction of love ,
  • The person can get the right partner’s response for his / her feelings in the heart .

How to use SATI symbol 

In short, this symbol is used to create a sweet and complete relationship between two people. This Symbol is used in Red or Pink colour.

Sati Symbol for union
Sati Symbol For union
  1. Do your Daily prayers and invoke all Divine Energies.
  2. Do the cleaning-charging-protection process.
    Making the symbol
    ( Use the appropriate  procedure of drawing the symbol )
    1- Use connection symbol
    2- use power symbol
    3- use Master symbol
    4- Use balancing symbol
  3. Add Zonar symbol
  4. Make connection with chakras of both partners – Heart and Sacral
  5. State Intention for opening and releasing all blockages.
  6. Creative visualisation that both persons are accessible to each other and getting the merging level for their happiness.
  7. Visualise all the process in Red / Pink colour.
  8. Seal the process and end with Gratitude.

Case studies

1) Relationship of Mother and son.

The mother asked healing request for her son.

Mother told me that her son does not stay at home¬† though he stayed¬† in the same area of his working place. Also, he had not come home, since last six months. He was just using his working place and hotel.¬† The son did not speak to his parents in any contexts though he was their only child . The mother had asked for a healing request so, that the son comes home and communicates with them. In just two days of healing¬† this case, the mother called me and conveyed, that the boy came home that afternoon and slept in his room . She also happily shared that, he spoke to both of them and discussed many issues. Mother felt extremely relieved and happy during this time. It’s great success¬† case of Reiki¬† as well as for me.
Thanks to Reiki !

2) A Healer Friend united with her Soulmate.

Few  days back, I studied astrological chart of  one of my healer friend  according to her requirements.  I advised her many things , which she readily agreed to do.  She highly appreciated my suggestions/ recommendation to deal with her ongoing situation.  After analyzing,  her astrological charts, I predicted that, a person , from her past relationship , who got separated many years back due  some unavoidable reasons, would return in her life,  for some good reason.

On December 7th, I suggested SATI Symbol to her ,for their best and healthy relationship/ union . On December 8, she¬† got attuned with this symbol from me and started sending healing to the situation for the highest good of all. My friend’s trust in the Reiki and her regular practice, reaped positive results, that brought¬† happiness for her and me too. She, called me on January 2 and gave me the good news, that¬† the concerned person called her and¬† express his desire to spend his life with her.

We both expressed Gratitude and thanks to Reiki  due to which she got the good results by using Sati Symbols.

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