Reiki brings out the truth

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Recently my Reiki colleague and I met after a long time. After catching up we were going through some Reiki stuffs online and found a few articles which were written by a Reiki Master , and the articles seemed very familiar, only to realize that the same articles were written by us long back for a website!!

The heading, contents and even some quotes were copied!! We were so aghast that we did not know how to react. Integrity is important in all walks of life, even Reiki .

The Reiki Master (God Bless that person!) did not seem to have any! What should one do when they face a similar situation?

For example, if you are working in a corporate and you really work hard for your presentation, but someone else changes a word here and there and presents it as his or her own work and receives the accolades for it you will tend to get hurt and dejected. The work is very close to your heart as you have put in hours of effort into it and made a place for yourself in the organization with sheer dedication and hard work.


So, what do you do if you find out a person is cheating your style of work and putting them across as their own? You need to take action. Apart from sending Reiki to the other person so that he or she may see the situation accurately , one should also take action practically!

It is very important ,  that the person who is guilty is made aware of it that what they are doing is incorrect and will not be good for them in the long run. Let there be no confusion regarding the same. It is going to be beneficial for both the parties, as eventually all copy cats will get shut down and they might just try to do something original and be good at it!

In one’s spiritual path no one can seek refuge in someone else’s aura. You are a truth teller and it is your duty to do so. Usually people, who cheat or recreate your content in their name, then create a lot of drama about it when you make them aware of it. Don’t get fooled by that, tell your truth and keep your facts ready, in case you need to expose this person. Plus you have Reiki with you, and Reiki and truth are 2 sides of the same coin.


Reiki is such a beautiful and a brutal energy. It is beautiful because it surfaces the truth, and truth is mostly brutal.  When we come into this practice ,the layer of illusion is removed in walks of our life, be it relationships, career or life purpose. The things which are good for us remain with us and the toxic parts which were sugar coated gets removed. In the process it may hurt us or we may feel down, but we should remember it is for our own highest good.

As my Reiki Teacher always says “When you are on a spiritual path, do not compromise on certain values like Integrity, Transparency, Creativity and Originality”.

If some of you can relate to either one of the situation, where either your work is getting copied or you are taking “inspiration” from someone else’s work, check yourself!


3 thoughts on “Reiki brings out the truth”

  1. I would like to know actually how reiki makes you also a truth teller. What “truth”? Is it your own personal truth, or truths that people find uncomfortable to hear? I hoped for content and all I got was useless feel good cultish fluff.
    I am a truth teller. I do not believe Reiki holds any lasting value.

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