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Purpose your day with the MIT technique

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What are MITs – Most Important Tasks? 

It’s not an original concept. However, it is one that I use every day and that has helped me out enormously.

The concept is very simple and easy to understand. Your MIT is the task you most want or need to get done on that particular day. In my case, I’ve tweaked it a little bit. Generally, I have two to three MITs — the things I must get done today. Do I often get a lot more done than three things? Of course, I bet I do. But the idea is that no matter what other things I do today, these MIT’s are the things I want to be sure of doing. So, my MIT is one of the first things I do each day. 

And here’s the key:

One of the MITs should be related to one of my long-term goals and one to your short-term goals. While the third one can be work stuff (and usually are), two of them must be goal next-action oriented. This ensures that I am doing something to move my goals forward each day. And this makes all the difference in the world. Each day, I’ve taken a small step towards fulfilling my dreams. This is something that is built into my morning routine: set a next-action to accomplish for one or more of my goals. And so, it happens each and every day, automatically.

Another key: 

Try to do your MITs first thing in the morning, either at home or when you get to work. If you put them off for later, you will get busy and will probably run out of time to do them. Get them done and out of the way, and the rest of the day is a joyride!

How to prioritize your task and decide which one(s) are your MIT’s:

Use a priority matrix. Take all of your tasks and assign each a priority to them. For instance, assign ‘A’ to the tasks that you need done at the earliest, ‘B’ to the ones that need to be done soon, and ‘C’ to the other tasks. The tasks which are ‘A’ will automatically become your MIT’s. Make a task and use the priority matrix everyday to understand what your MIT’s are. 

One last thing: 

It’s such a simple thing to implement, and yet I’m talking about it like it’s a big revelation. But it is. Most of the time, small things can make huge differences. I highly recommend you give this a go.


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