Choku Rei

Pull out your Pains/Traumas through Magnetic Choku-Rei

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Power of Reiki

Hi Friends,

I am going to share with you a technique that helped to heal myself as well as our clients to get rid of pain / traumatic memories .

As we all know Reiki is a universal Divine Energy that works only for our highest Good !

What are effects of painful traumatic memories ?

Any memory that brings you remorse, guilts and regrets not allowing one to stay for present. Such people tend to remain stuck up in the past hence fail to notice blessings sround them. They are neither in present nor able to get clarity about future, hence they feel extremely stuck up.

We all comer across different phases of life where we experience lots of pain and sufferings, that does not allow us to move ahead. Many of us choose to stay there and remain in those memories however painful it maybe.

But we all must realize, that all experiences happen just to teach us certain lessons. Once we have learnt our lessons, then the purpose of those events or traumatic experience is over. And, then there is just no sense in carrying those memories with us that bring us more suffering and pains. We have to keep making conscious efforts to allow them to leave our energetic space , making way for more abundance and blessings. Choice is yours!

Effects of traumatic memories:-

  1. Feeling of hopelessness
  2. Lots of unwanted negative thoughts
  3. Disturbed Sleep.
  4. Anxiety/Depression
  5. Mood swings
  6. Relationship issues

Procedure to Heal:-

  1. Ground yourself by visualizing roots coming out of soles of your feet going deep inside Mother Earth.
  2. Shield yourself in a big Golden bubble
  3. Invoke presence of all Higher Spiritual Beings.
  4. State the intention to heal yourself or clients.
  5. Draw HSZSN over air in front of you.
  6. Trace SHK symbol over your Mind.
  7. Imagine a huge thick magnet in the shape of Choku – Rei over both your palms.
  8. Now, guide your palms from head to toe. Once you sense blockages, imagine Magnetic Choku Rei , pulling out black coloured blocks. Keep running your palms, wherever you feel guided and pull out all blocks. It can also be used for treating emotional, mental and physical issues.
  9. Once done, stand with your palms facing Mother Earth, visualize Chokurei gradually coming off your palms and getting attracted to Magnetic field inside Mother Earth, feel it getting pulled to the core of the Earth and all your blocks are transmuted to light.
  10. Follow the session with a short self healing process by imagining all gaps getting filled with Divine healing energies.
  11. End the session by breaking connection and shielding.
  12. Express Gratitude to Divine Energies, Higher Spiritual Beings and yourself.

It’s a very powerful technique specially for healing suppressed emotions, mental wounds, traumatic past, heart breaks, fear of losing loved ones, disturbed childhood memories, phobias etc.

Do try and share your experience.

Love and Light

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