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“Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ~William Shakespeare Research tells us that lottery winners are no happier than people who did not win. And many times, become miserable and depressed in the years following their win. Scientists have inferred that we all have a baseline level of happiness. This baseline …

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प्रेम का विशाल आयाम  ।

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प्रेम ना केवल  – कहने में है, ना सुनने में ,  प्रेम ना केवल आलिंगन में है,ना शब्दों के माया जाल में,  प्रेम ना केवल सपनों के संसार में है, ना समाजिक मान्यताओं रीतियों में ,  प्रेम ना तो जन्म-मृत्यु तक सीमित है ।   प्रेम तो  तन  और मन से परे आत्मा में है …

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How to deal with Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts and how to cope with them

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Is it okay to have negative thoughts? Having negative thoughts is normal and natural. We are humans and have a reasoning and thinking brain; negative thoughts are of our lives. The fear of the alarm not ringing and subsequently getting late to work, encountering an accident, going through a financial crisis, or worst of all, …

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