one sided love

One sided love

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For those who face one sided love 

It’s heart wrenching , when the person whom you can recognize as love but that person doesn’t recognize you as the same love. Then , why is it that you feel so much and the other person is blank about you.
Its, not because you are not worthy of love. Its, because they do not have the capability to love themselves and this lack of self love doesn’t allow them to give or receive the kind of love you have to offer. Simply, but they are not ready for this kind of love. They, haven’t moved out of the shallowness ,of emotions or their superficiality. They, see the world , from a very materialistic angle.
So, many of you, go on pursuing and hoping that one day they will see. So. many of you , take the whole relationship on your shoulder alone and keep moving, hoping that one day he will remember. So , many of you wait endlessly , for the love to be returned , the way you desire. You dream, you know, you have the knowingness of the potential , of what you both share. In short you are awakened and he is not.


As a result, what you get , is a complete burn out. You end up feeling rejected, unloved, hopeless, depressive, everything that love , shouldn’t make you feel.
You start wondering , what love is all about. Is this the love you were envisioning. Your self esteem broken, your confidence goes down the hill  and you land up being aloof. Your whole life becomes a mess.

How to Deal With this ?

Until you once again wake up
 You wake up to recognizing self love. You wake up after the dark night of your soul. The suffering that only you can fathom. You wake up to a new dawn. You wake up to a new beginning.
You begin to gather your strength, your broken pieces, your souls essence and start gathering it together again into self love. You transform this love into understanding yourself better, feeling happier from within, knowing your own identity in a better way, a new you, a different you…. a better version of you.
And, then when that love returns, it has to return as now you have become a stronger, happier and a more attractive you. You are not submissive and giving. Now ! you are empowered. A soul that shines. And , when that love returns ,you don’t need that love anymore, as that love has served its purpose. And now you embark on a new level a level that this love has not reached.
So you cannot relate to it anymore. You, wonder how you were earlier. You remember your burn out. You reject this love. Not out of ego but now again with a new knowingness, that emerges of recognizing your new self.


Life keeps moving forward. Never backwards. So, you too move ahead. Leave all that love behind you, in complete gratitude ,to what it taught you.
And , you attract new love. A love that holds you in your space. That is equivalent to your beliefs. That is equivalent to your giving. That’s your own lovely complementary other.
And ,you know you have emerged into an evolved soul. All the darkness has now shredded ,you are light and now you have attracted light.

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  1. I didn’t understand what that means .

    There are many type of people in this world and sone do experience the above. Everyone has different emotional learnings to do.

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