One more Night passed.. !!

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Another day gone with hopes !
Once again I freak , as I enter the lonely nights,
I lay alone on my bed, lookin up at the ceiling,

Restless I get- all plethora of your memories,
Admist, the silence, I hear your soul calling out aloud,

I once again , tightly clench my pillow, 
with tears of miseries, soaking it wet ,

Fast pounding heart beneath me,
desperate to be loved, catches my attention,
Caressing it , I whisper “ He lives within you ”

“Lucky you are! my heart ! to have him closest to you”
& there in my body awakens a desire- to touch you! to feel you !
Eyes moisten, as it’s yearning to see you, makes it unbearable..!

A petty fight within myself- who misses you the most?
& wow! your radiant smile flashes
Enough to light up darkness across the room

Such is our connection- separate yet together.
That beats the speed of light !

Ghosh the worldly mess! as I close my eyelids
Ready to journey the astral realms with you

C’mon darling! Hold no fear
Be free, here we come !
A perfect place just for us- a beautiful paradise
Let’s meet & rejoice our love

Once again, with renewed hopes & strength ,
Let’s be ready to welcome another dawn !
As we prepare to win our battles

A story that continues, till we finally reunite
Making day-nights envy us , for they lose their importance
And soon as we gradually shift from fantasy to make it our “Reality”..!

2 thoughts on “One more Night passed.. !!”

  1. Each and every words are so beautiful & touching……. 😌…. Very well Describing pain of separated love 😔

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