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I am a Soul;

I am whole;

I strive and always try;

Situations and disappointments make me cry;

I aspire and always want to win;

I end up committing sin;

With the losses and trials I face; I often blame,

In the life journey struggle; I am at total shame,

I fail proving myself

I fail loving myself

Thereby, I am not able to meet my own expectation;

I work towards fulfilling other’s expectation;

In the whole process of life’s journey

I want to be the best;

Well among the rest.

Many people stole my heart;

Many people hurt my heart.

Things goes for a toss;

Terribly I am at loss.

I felt lonely from within;

Healing helped me within;

I craved everywhere for love;

But I failed to realize the divine above;

I am Alive;

I survive;

 Being a winner is my dream;

But I fail to realize the Supreme.

I fail to honor and love myself;

I realize the need to love myself;

This realization gives me an awareness;

Helps me rebuild my divine oneness.

In the process; unwanted memories I throw;

Thereby, I spiritually grow.

With ease; Problems I solve;

Hard repeating patterns automatically resolve;

My ego automatically dissolve;

And I finally evolve;

No loss and No toss;

No Win and No Sin;

I realize the divine within;

I merge and connect with the divine within;

I become a tasty wine;

Divinity in me totally shine;

I am a soul;

I am whole….

4 thoughts on “MY SOUL IS WHOLE”

  1. Very beautiful lines Vidyaa..Soul is the whole for sure.We should keep that happy keeping ourselves happy 😊

  2. Beautiful lines Vidyaa.Soul is the whole ! And we should keep that happy by keeping purse happy 🙂

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