Maya – The Illusion

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What is Maya?

“Maya” is a name in which we all are trapped as humans in a 3D world. The biggest game of life is to go beyond and see the Maya as it is and awaken, to be able to get out of the trap called Life to attain Moksha. Every human is trapped in veils of Maya- which deviate them for the true purpose of Life.
That’s why its said, if you want Enlightenment you must work on your five senses to overpower them and control them, so you do not deviate from the spiritual path. That will lead you to ultimate bliss and freedom from the cycle of life and birth.

Ultimate Truth of Life

But how does one discern between the truths? That’s why its said, there are many truths and each one is living their truth. There is one ultimate truth and that’s the Light. And to reach the ultimate truth , one needs to remove the veils of Maya around them, to be able to have a clear view of their true self.
The key is not to go searching for the truth. For the truth lies within you always. It’s the ultimate truth your core reality- that you are a part of God /Light and that same attributes of God. But you have forgotten it along the way in this illusionary world full of Maya- which tries to deviate you from your truth.
The concept of time and space is an illusion and exists only in this human reality. If you can clear your mind and understand this concept, you might be able to have control over your time, rather than time controlling you. It’s the mind that carried illusions and makes you see truths , which might not be your truth.

Illusion of Five Senses

Awareness is the key to the goal you seeking. Your enlightenment can only be achieved if you move into awareness of moment to moment of everything you experiencing as an observer. It’s this awareness that will lead you to your awakening.
The five senses that you perceive the world through and act upon it, can actually be a trap for you ,to be stuck in this illusion of the 3D.
  • The eyes show you the truth, but they can also perceive an illusion as a reality.
  • The skin makes you feel what’s around you, but it can also take you on a wrong journey of lust and being lost in sensual pleasures
  • The tongue which help you taste everything can take you on a path of deviation, by getting lost in rich tasty food to satisfy your taste bud and keep you addicted to them.
  • The smell which helps you smell and distinguish between the good and bad smell, can enthrall you with a spelled smell and keep you lost in illusion
  • The sounds of your ears are for helping you hear guidance and follow the right path, but they can also keep you lost in sweet voices, which may not be for your highest good.
Only when you can control your senses and not allow the senses to control you will you be able to achieve the ultimate truth as the real truth.


Now, the next question would be how to control this? How to come to a point that you can control you mind and emotions and walk towards path of the Light?
It’s through meditation and moment to moment awareness of your every breathe can you achieve control,over your senses.
When you can move beyond your senses and see how illusion deviates you– keeping you lost as an addictive in false love, in false food/ alcohol/ drugs addictions , in sensual pleasures like lust, wrong sexual activities etc, in roving eyes, in ego and anger.
Once, you control these aspects of self and move towards self discipline of mind and body can you reconnect with your soul.
When the mind , body and soul merges, the Ultimate Truth is revealed!