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Let’s embark on this beautiful journey of Gratitude !

It’s a long article, but I am sure your perspective , will entirely change towards your life once you finish reading this article !

As we bid 2020 adieu, Let’s hold on for few minutes and ponder over few things to be grateful for: –

  1. Our Blessings
  2. Our Lessons

Based on analysis of above two factors, we would be able to instill this quality and further upgrade ourselves, to better version.


Count your blessings and name them one by one !

Gratitude is one of the most important qualities we all must instill in order to feel abundant. Though “THANK YOU” seems, a small word, but the magic behind these two simple words, is unimaginable! Try it yourself and feel the change.

Gratitude is basically an important quality, that really works on our mind level. It helps us in following ways :-

  • Helps our mind to shift our focus for from finite problems to infinite blessings.
  • Remove all inadequacies of life.
  • To focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have
  • It helps us to realize that – Yes!  we are already blessed with so many things in our life.


First and foremost, thing we must learn, is to master the art of being grateful from within. We must not fail to express our gratitude, even during our darkest phase of life, because every situation comes to teach us certain lessons. Till, the time we don’t get realization of the lessons, that a person / situation is trying to teach us and be grateful for the same, we will continue to face challenges. Even in reality, we keep encountering same problems, same patterns in life. So, unless we learn the lesson completely, we won’t be able to break the pattern.

Most people focus on many things, that they LACK, due to which their mind starts giving wrong signals that – “YES! THEY ARE DEPRIVED OF ALL BASIC AMMENITIES OF LIFE” Hence, the focus is changed from what they have to what they don’t.

So, here we must instill the quality of gratitude , in order to make us feel contented and abundant.

We must realize that, there are millions of people out there, who actually dream to live a life just like ours. Contrary to this, we are just complaining “Look I don’t have this or don’t have that”.

FACT: – At his time, you should feel grateful that you have a mobile / laptop with good internet connection, so you are able to read this article. Believe me, In India, approx. 75% population lack basic amenities. So, we should consider ourselves, to be lucky, to come in the category of remaining 25%.

At this time shift your mind focus and say aloud “Yes I am abundantly blessed and I am so privileged to enjoy all basic amenities in Life.” Trust me! you will feel Life is so beautiful.



This is one of the simplest practice, which we all can develop easily. All you need to do is, to keep a notebook, decorate it beautifully. Start your day by writing, minimum 5 things that you are blessed with. At, night before you sleep, journal down just 3 things that made you feel happy/blessed throughout the day.

In the morning you can write down permanent things, that you are grateful for. It can be house, car, relationships – parents, siblings, neighbors etc , food, water, your own body (each organs) etc etc. List is surely infinite. Its ok to be grateful for same things daily.(Please read further to get different ideas , that can make you feel blessed).

At night, you can write variable events or people who were with you and helped you throughout the day. Make sure not to forget negative events or even people whom you dislike- Think hard, why this event happened or why such people are there in your life? what you can learn from this? How this can help you unlock your hidden potentials? How you can improve yourself? Once you seek answers to all the above questions, you will surely find many reasons to be grateful.  


This is commonly used practice among healers, spiritual people and lightworkers to keep themselves, completely occupied and focused in their blessings. So, now I request everyone to try this:-

In this method, you can prepare a beautiful big Jar, which can be a glass jar, cardboard jar or any other material you feel drawn to. Next, prepare bunch of chits and keep it handy, wherever you go . Now , whenever you come across something that makes you happy or blessed (it can be a very small event – Like you could afford to buys coffee for yourself at your favorite restaurant or  enjoyed with your childhood friends or some stranger, who helped while you were reversing your car etc ) , just jot it down immediately in those chits, along with the date and time and keep it safely in your bag or at a place where it wont get tampered.

At, night before sleeping, open all the chits, read everything aloud, feeling energies of gratitude flowing through you, filling you with sense of happiness and tranquility within. Then, put the chits inside your gratitude jar. Later whenever the jar is full, you can go through all or random chits, burn them and release the ashes to universe. Keep Repeating the process.


Many people fail to express appreciation towards their loved ones ,specially their family members or friends, just with the thought that it’s a formality in a relationship to say “Thank you” to your parents or children or friends.

But, its exactly the reverse – we should all the more openly express our inner feelings and tell them how blessed we feel to have them in our life. How their presence makes a difference in your life or how you feel happy & loved to have them around, how they have done certain things for you or how thankful you feel for the sacrifice they made for you. Do this with every person, whether your colleagues or acquaintance or boss or some unknown, but don’t feel shy to express and tell them loudly how they made you happy.

At, the same time we should cultivate this habit in our children. For instant , whenever I get chocolates or toys for my children, I tell them to first thank me and then hand the gift to them. Many people find it funny but this practice, is just to be make them consciously aware of their blessings , as well as make them learn to appreciate/ express it openly.
This practice will only make people around you more loving and supportive towards you. Apreciating them , will give them a boost to do more for you. So, EXPRESS and APPRECIATE openly.

Remember Attitude of Gratitude comes with practice, and then only your focus will change. You can’t expect overnight results. We need to be consistent, keep hammering our head to think and think and think till a day comes when it becomes so easy for you to just focus on positive things and you will easily neglect or not even notice any negative thing in a person or situation.



Our foremost and first, in the list should be God. There are people, who don’t believe in God, just because they feel their trials and challenges get bigger with time. But dear friends ! have faith- you are facing these times just because, God considers you to be highly capable of dealing with it. You are much stronger than those people, who are living an easy, luxurious and happy life.

Just thank God for the life he gave you and ask him to give you strength or ways to overcome the challenges. Believe me! it will happen miraculously. Situation may or may not change in your favour, but you will surely change your perception, and accept the challenges. Your challenges will become, as small as , pebbles to you. So, keep expressing your gratitude, towards almighty. Our prayers, with full faith are always answered.


One thing we all can never deny, is our presence is just because of our parents. I believe our parents are just next to God. If our parents had not been there, then our presence on this planet is just not possible. They are our roots, so, if we stop nurturing our roots, then we will soon start wilting.

Our parents directly or indirectly teach us certain things or change us for better. Without blessings of parents, our happiness or success is void.

Its, true many people complain that , they don’t share good relationship with their parents , But always believe, there was a time in your own life, when you didn’t even know how to walk , still your parents lifted you , carried you, helped you to take first footsteps , took care of your living : education and stood by you till you became independent. Just because of some difference in opinions, we can’t strain our relationships. And with time due to constant ranting , we end up creating huge gap between us and our parents.

Remember! A truth that can’t be changed- they will always remain elder to us. Even, if you don’t agree to certain opinion of theirs, it’s better to stay silent, than become judgmental. Rest it’s your life, what you do, it’s entirely your choice. They are just expressing their views, towards a situation, which might not be in alignment with yours.

We can definitely, work and improve our relationships by always, being grateful and thankful towards our parents. Keep practicing gratitude daily with our parents. So folks! Call them now, give them a treat, spend time with them before it’s too late. Thank them openly. Gradually everything will improve and you will be surrounded with love.


 Even after you have los everything, never forget, that you ALONE were always there for yourself. When you cried alone in your room, your own hands wiped your tears. When people betrayed you, your soul stayed.

In all adversities we must learn to be grateful to our self and each part of us- each cell, each organs of our body. Thank your heart ,that beats for you irrespective of any circumstances, thank your circulatory system for circulating blood to all parts , thank your legs that help you to walk, hands that help you to do all tasks, eyes that help you to see etc etc. You are healthy, just because your body is silently, working for you. Love your body, love your skin. Work on ways to improve yourself and take care of yourself , your body, your skin and your looks.

Before dwelling yourself into the world of negativity and unhappiness, wake up and look within. Be grateful to yourself. Get your wandering mind to align with your heart, soul and body . Look in the mirror and realize the beauty of your own Soul, thank yourself for being there always. So, never give up on yourself . You are beautiful ! You are Unique!

Also refer to this article on How to develop Self – Love


They are just like our branches, who are connected to you, from your early years till the end. They help us to grow and spread with their presence. We share our major childhood years with our siblings. And with time this bond strengthens .

We should be grateful to them for making our childhood magical, being our biggest support during times of our need, listening to all our feelings and emotions patiently, keeping our secrets, guiding us towards right, protecting us from harshness of the world, being around us to share our happiness / sorrows,  standing by us whenever we hit our lowest.

Likewise, you can include your relatives or grandparents, with whom you are attached and those who have made difference in your life in some ways.

Again, those who have strained relationship with siblings, or other blood relations, its again recommended to practice gratitude and learn your lessons, to break the repetitive pattern


It’s important to express gratitude towards all Masters / Teachers, who help one to progress in life. This practice has been followed since ancient times during our Vedic culture, we used to bow down, seek blessings and then you would proceed further in life ,when our Guru felt that you are now ready to take this knowledge further.

With this view of respecting tradition and culture, it’s also the duty of Masters, to instill this in hearts of students .as well as imparting values of respect, expressing gratitude,

Next, a teacher puts lots of time, efforts, dedication and extra energies to ensure if you are ready to spread further to masses. And, its actually teachers taking pains to take classes, tests etc just to empower students , as well as helping masses indirectly, to find a capable person like you.


We learn true meaning of love, when we first consciously choose to give love to someone else , outside our family. It’s a different experience that shifts our world from within. At this stage we learn how to love unconditionally/ selflessly without any bondages.

We learn to view things from different perspective and learn to enjoy life in a more liberal way. The person who truly loves you always reflects you like your mirror. You are at your true self , when you are with your beloved. He/ She will openly reflect your weakness / strengths due to which you get more clarity , about your ownself. You understand yourself better and hence able to make better decisions in future.

Most, love stories, don’t end as expected and are painful, but we must always appreciate and be grateful for having chance to experience love and enjoy those blissful moments.

And , for those who had negative troubled relationships, it’s still not too late to ponder over this question – How this incident/ person changed you to a better version of you? Definitely, you must have become stronger enough to deal with the pains, as well as your ability to understand people or your choice of giving love to next person etc. must have enhanced.

So, never curse your lover, instead be grateful and bless them for all that they did for you.


Needless to say, we all need friends in our life. They are like folks , who dance to your melodies, even if its boring. True friends, accept you entirely the way you are , without expecting you to change for them.

Just like our second family , they are always around you , during times of need. They wrap you in their arms, when you are on the verge of breakdown, further give you additional support to pick up your lost fragments and rise again stronger. So, never take your friends for granted. Always make them feel special and express your feeling of gratitude to them.


Yes, many must be wondering- why spouse and lover mentioned separately. The reason being, once you tie a marital knot ,with someone whether your lover or someone arranged, the dimensions of relationships change entirely. It’s not just two people, its entire family, community, society, traditions, responsibilities that definitely dilute purity of love to huge extent.

Many times, I come across people saying “Before marriage he loved me so much, got me gifts, flowers or took me on drive but now he has changed entirely.” This thought is very wrong. We must understand the situation, then and now. Our own expectations kill us and our relationship with people around us. We have to learn to cope up with time and see shift in the relationship with time. Eg: now your partner is working harder to support your needs/basic amenities, your partner has to dedicate time to children/ family/ parents, so has lesser time for you . In such situation, feel grateful that you have a responsible life – partner. We have many reasons to feel blessed if we truly want to.

 And, in this relationship , its most important for couples and their respective families, to be grateful. Most marriages end on a bad note, just because most spouses/in-laws lacked one small factor – ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE, in-fact everyone get involved and just focus on drawbacks of a person, trying to forcefully mould the other person according to their ways. So, its important to be VERY VERY VERBAL and EXPRESSIVE in this aspect of life. We, must thank our partner or in laws, each time, they made us feel good. At, the same time we must politely teach our spouse and in- laws, the importance of gratitude as well as appreciating openly than complaining, so that they also reciprocate.

We must be grateful to our spouse / in- laws, who teach us , how to live life practically, expose us to real world, to take responsibilities and manage our finances.

You can also find, different ways to bond with your loved ones in this awesome article by Naina at


We learn art of forgiveness and being non – judgmental through our children and also no matter how tough days are , we should keep the child within us alive. Indulge and enjoy our life without any constraints. Be grateful to children for teaching us that. As the saying goes “Live life child-like”. A very important lesson, we can learn from our children. Thank them !


We should thank our enemies , for developing the spirit of competition , within us. Giving us a challenge to prove our self. Without any enemies, in our life , we can never unlock our true hidden potential and become better version of our self.

Whenever some person underestimates you, have you realized a very strong force develops within you that’s says “Now! Wait and Watch, till I prove myself !” And then you become unstoppable. It’s only possible because of such people who want to see you lose but, instead they are biggest push – factor to guide you towards success.

During one of my meditation sessions I got a message “Your enemies are your closest soulmates”.

So, c’mon! open your gratitude journal and thank all those enemies who changed you massively.


The reason, why I have mentioned this here is, because many times we tend to ignore and just overtake a sweeper who is busy cleaning the roads or a maid sorting huge garbage, or a person cleaning public toilets etc etc. There are so many people, like this who are overlooked, and infact treated really badly. But imagine our place without them?

Life without community helpers , is impossible. So, how about going close to them and say, some kind motivational words to them or offer them some reward or gift as gratitude. Honestly, I have tried this, and the feeling you get after seeing tears in their eyes, as they smile back looking up to you, is just unimaginable.

Similarly, in your gratitude journal you can thank shop vendors, house maids, cab drivers, auto drivers, conductors etc.


They play a big role in shaping your personality, pushing you further to break your limits and pursue all your goals and missions. If you achieve something because of their constant ranting and push, then don’t forget to take/send a box of sweet and express your gratitude towards them. See the light in their eyes!


Money is another aspect , that affects most people, their relationships as well as their health. At this time of need, try to feel abundant, in whatever you have. Thanks Goddess of Abundance and Money, for whatever she has offered you. It’s only our expectations that cause miseries. Remember s person can be happy in 100 bucks or even cry like mad saying “OH! God it’s too less”.

Choice is yours. Whether to be unhappy or contented, Whether to be grateful or complain. It’s upto you whether to feel happy that, you at least have a basic mobile than get angry that you can’t afford an apple phone. Understand, basic ultimate purpose of both will be same i.e. calling/ messaging. Whether you travel by Mercedes or bus, but road/destination will be same, whether you eat on a gold plate or steel plate- food will be same (am sure, not tastier in gold one).

Whether you stay in a bungalow or a flat or a rented accommodation, our basic purpose of shelter is fulfilled. For a moment, be contented & feel grateful, in the current situation , while utilizing all energies /focus (that we loose, in complaining about non fulfillment about our desires) in working towards your goals / dreams to make it happen.

 But what about happiness? Happiness with luxuries is just temporary and dies down within days. It’s all in the mind. we need to condition our mind to feel abundant in whatever we have. Think we already have much more than we deserve.

So, keep expressing gratitude to God for giving you a comfortable life. And with this feeling itself will attract financial abundance in your life. This is “law of attraction” which states – “we attract what we think”, so think of abundance and attract same.


Gratitude Mother Earth !

Being a nature lover, I personally feel it’s extremely important for each of us to be grateful to Mother Earth for supporting us holding us through its gravitational force, allowing us to walk on this beautiful planet. We must connect to nature and talk to trees, feel winds, listen to rustling of leaves, sun bathe, touch water stream, dance in the rains. The nature is our best healer and is always ready to heal us , when we call on its energies.

We ,being children of this planet – its our duty to thank this planet, conserve it and our natural surrounding ,for filling us with its magical healing energies.


We all come across many unforeseen circumstances like we become handicapped due to some mishaps, lose certain people in our lives, some relationships may fail or turn sour, marriages may break, love stories may end, money may not be enough, health may deteriorate etc etc….

The only answer to overcome all these difficult times is “Gratitude

Keep doing it with full faith !

Thank you Covid – 19, Year 2020 ! – A year , that gave us a chance to introspect ourself and our potentials , despite many failures, losses and struggles. I think, we are among the lucky ones to experience this, in the history of mankind , where we were locked down for days, had to give up on our entertainment, cancel travel plans, sacrifice social life, stay indoors for days.

We used to crib, about not having time to spend with family but now that’s also fulfilled. Most of us wanted our children to have extra holidays so, that we could laze more, that also got granted. We all have cleaner houses as we have ample time to focus on our maids.

Many resorted to their hobbies . We all got some leisure time for ourselves and found our hidden potentials, just like how I realized my inclination towards analytics and creativity, so I got admission for Internship in Digital Marketing from the top Digital marketing trainers in India at Digital Deepak, which came as another turning point and a blessing in my life One thing I learnt from my Digital Mentor – “Soar to greater heights but stay grounded”

Am sure if we look at positive aspect of anything, we all have endless list to be thankful to………


From Spiritual point of view , it’s also important to motivate people to express gratitude , so their heart Chakra opens, which attracts abundance and love and also it opens their throat Chakra , that helps them to become more expressive: So, you see life is always about learning and improving, as learning never stops , till last breath of life.

Lastly, our third dimensional physical body is the expression of Soul within so, do make best use of 3d physical body for expressing Gratitude, Love, truth wisdom, joys, happiness, knowledge, gratitude, comfort, forgiveness etc

Start practicing GRATITUDE from now and see the magic !


Love & Light


  1. Hey, Thank you so much for provides amazing content. And your magic of gratitude article was very well written. Thank you.

  2. Hey, Well Information about magic of gratitude. Your content was NATURE, MONEY and ENIMIES are very useful and mind-blowing for us. Thank you.

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  4. Indeed a very extensive article, but yeah full of depth. I also highly recommend writing gratitude hand written letters to loved ones. One can take up a 30 day challenge and write a letter to somebody every single day expressing our love and gratitude. It can be sent as a post or personally given in the times to come. I loved the line ‘gratitude must come from within’. How true is that.. We can say thank you thank you thank you hundred times but if we don’t feel it, we will continue to feel the lack. Thank you Jhilmil.

  5. Wow beautiful Article .I am blessed to read this article . Universe has its own way of telling us how to feel blessed and be content in life with what we have rather than cribbing for what we don’t have .Jhilmil this article has made me look for more blessings in life and how to give gratitude to universe for all that he has given me till date .Thank you Thak you Thank you for such wonderful gratitude guidance from a healer like you .I am blessed ❤️

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