Water Healing

Let it go with water

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Healing with Water

Hello everyone!

I am back with my new article, and it is loosely based on “Quantum Jumping”. There are many methods, available on Quantum jumping with water ,on YouTube.

People have witnessed , amazing results by trying those methods. When I tried to follow it, I was guided to do the following method, and share it with my fellow Reiki colleagues and clients. The results were awesome and hence I decided to share it with everyone!

The reason water is used in this technique, is that it is known that water has the capacity to absorb energies very quickly.

There are many articles available, on the internet,  on the transformation of water cells (visible under the microscope) when energies are sent.

Healing Technique

For this technique, you need a Glass Jar/Cup, water and intention!

I am breaking down the steps for everyone’s benefit.

  1. Take a Glass jar/cup and fill it with water (up to the brim).
  2. Hold the cup between your palms and start visualizing the power symbols inside the cup.
  3. Affirm “I let go of all my blockages across space life and dimensions.” or “I let go off all the vows, promises and contracts across space life and dimension ,which does not serve me any purpose.” These or any other affirmation one resonates with.
  4. Keep holding the glass and feel all the blockages being absorbed by the water in the glass.
  5. When you feel light, you can pour the water in the sink or in a plant.

This method can be done for one/multiple/specific/generic issues, at the same time and is recommended to do it at least for 30 days. The best part is proxy cleansing/healing can also be done with this method.

Do try this method and let me know your feedback 

Note: One may feel giddy or light headed after this process, so it’s recommended to ground self and drink a lot of water.

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