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A child is born with an extreme tender brains. His frontal cortex is yet not developed. It takes 6 years to develop his neurocortex – the part that is the cognitive mind and can reason and use logic . Till then the child is like a sponge- absorbent.
He cannot understand like an adult, so everything he sees around him, he perceives from an emotional intelligence and take it personally.

Effects on Child’s subconscious mind

So, if he is witnessing his parents fighting, he might feel he is responsible for this argument. He may feel he is not a good child and his self worth can lower to the extreme.
These are trauma points within him that will keep disintegrating and creating traumatic inner children. So, every trauma he experiences he will create a belief about himself or life.
He will keep creating these subconscious recordings and his life experiences will also keep repeating just that.
He will face the same trauma in accordance to his subconscious mind recordings , until he can finally see the play of the inner child, who is feeling all this and attracting the same.
If there are two children , in the same house facing the same circumstances i, ts highly possible each child sees things differently , according to their blue print and mind mapping and they create their own reality.
One child may gain strength and learn their lessons and evolve , whilst the other might wallow in wounds, blame,  hurt and remain stuck.
One child may blame the mom and see dad’s side of the story , while the other child may blame the dad and see moms side of the story. And, once again that’s how their life , will revolve against these beliefs and patterns , they have seen and believed is the truth.

A Child is pure 

A child eyes are the most innocent and pure. Its said that a child is akin to a God energy as they are the purest and the most vulnerable state.
They should be treated with care and love. They must be nurtured and comforted and kept in a safe environmental at home.
Their home should be their safe place and not a place they feel unsafe and uncared for.

Steps to provide a healthy and happy childhood 

Bringing up a child is a huge responsibility. Once someone is ready to have a baby, they must first ensure they are fit in all angles:-
  • Physically – like no alcohol,  cigarettes, drugs).
  • Mentally- depression, bipolar, other mental diseases or have to leave career and feels like a victim.
  • Emotionally – wanting the baby and not having it due to the pressure of the society and family.
  • Financially – having the resources to bring up the baby , in a decent manner.

To plan a baby and not bring the baby in a chaotic environment. Later, leave them on the road telling them they need to look after themselves. Values given should never be imposed.

Your actions, words and deeds, must be what they pick up. Using the correct words is very important. How you address the child what names you use to call them, will build or break their self worth.

Leaving them unattended, will create abandonment issues in them which can scar them for life. On the other hand, you must not over protect or over pamper the child. That’s equally harmful for the psyche of the child.


How will it help, if you over – water a plant or under -water a plant?
The same way over loving or under loving both can harm the child.
The child needs the right care, love ,nurturing that can help the child flower, to the right personality and character ,which will help him achieve his equilibrium, in this world.
One must ensure they are equipped with the good attributes like:-
  • strength
  • positive energy
  • positive perception to see situations,
  • accept both the good and bad,
  • ability to handle tough situations ,
  • skills and education to learn a living,
  • nurturing the child’s natural gifts , so  that they can achieve greatness.
A child is the future of the world, be sure to bring them up right ,to make this world, a better place to live in!!!!
Om sai ram

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