KARMA – Explained !

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What is karma?

See KARMA, simply means – ACTION of mind, heart, body, emotions, thoughts, feelings, deeds etc. So all of us are creating Karmas every moment. You are reading my post, that’s the action, that’s the Karma too.

We have now understood that we are creating karma in every moment, then what exactly is being trapped in karma cycle or liberated from karmic webs of influences? So, there are TWO governing factors that decide being trapped in the karmic cycle and liberated from the karmic cycle:

  1. Learning Karmic Lessons.
  2. Detachment

Let’s discuss each factor in detail.


So, what exactly is a karmic lesson? Let’s break this in two words- “Karm” and “Lessons“. So karma means Actions and Lessons means mistakes correction. So now let’s think deeper. When do we all commit mistakes? Do we make mistakes when we are aware? No definitely not. We all make mistakes due to limited knowledge and Unawareness. The word “karmic lessons” simply means the Actions of Unawareness. Let me explain with   examples

Example 1: When we are angry, the anger controls us, we lose our temper, then we say something out of unawareness, hurting people or even hit something,

Example 2: We get angry, we pause for a moment, we are aware of intense anger emotions within, so we control our anger, then express our anger in a polite, clear and assertive way.

Think over it. Understand every human is bound to feel anger, love, pain, joys, sadness etc, everything. So from the above 2 examples, the situation is the same,  yet there is something that decides the karmic cycle. Yes, you got it -Actions of Unawareness (example 1), got us trapped in a karmic cycle, whereas in example 2 it was the perfect example of Action of Awareness that liberated us from karmic cycle.


To understand the concept of detachment,  let us first understand what is attachment? Attachment means attaching our happiness to our desires – the desire of love, wealth, power, fame etc. Now if any of our desires are unfulfilled, we feel so disturbed to the extent that it leads to self-sabotaging ability. For example-  I had a career setback or encountered a major illness etc. and I got so shattered that I slipped into depression. Why did this career setbacks or illness lead me to this state of depression? And, later because I got depressed, I eventually lost interest in living this precious life? You would understand the reason – it’s because I was attached to the desire of a successful career and fit body.

Now let’s talk about detachment for this same example – I had a career setback, I learnt from my mistakes and looked for different career opportunities. Another case- I encountered a major illness, but I was still grateful that I lived a healthy life so far, enjoyed the love of my dear ones, as well as experienced pain. I realized that love and pain are the two sides of life, so accepted this fact and living this life with love, gratitude and grace.

This is the beauty of detachment- “You can fulfil your soul mission without being stuck in life”. Kindly understand detachment doesn’t mean abstaining from all pleasures of life. NO!  NO! NO! Detachment means enjoying all worldly pleasures of life i.e Love, wealth, health etc., but without any attachments. You get detached when you get attached to the Soul within.

Concept of karma balance

Karma Balance: Karmas are balanced once you have learned the lessons. Unless and until you haven’t understood the karmic lesson, you would be stuck, in repeated negative patterns of life, habits, relationships, behaviour, career, etc.

The effective ways to learn karmic lessons are as follows :

  1. Learning by facing Real-life Incidences and mishaps,
  2. Awareness – Yes, we learn lots of karmic lessons through heightened sensitivity, empathy, feeling other people’s pain and sufferings. When we are aware, our subconscious mind unlocks, our consciousness expands and we learn a lot of things through weird dreams, past life flashes, intuitions etc.
  3. Detachment – we can break away from the webs of influences, societal conditioning, slavery of ego-mind, karmic trap etc. through detachment.

Once the person is a healer or is into spiritual practice, and meditates daily, then he balances, most of his Karmas through above-mentioned points  2 &3. With the practice of awareness and detachment, he can also, escape major real tragedies/mishaps in life, with minor or negligible consequences.


Credits - VivekSharma
Credits : Vivek Sharma

Meditation helps one to be aware and detached. It is the medicine to relieve from karmic pains, sufferings and bondages.

MEDITATION is a technique which helps one to pause the desirous mind, to look inward and find the sacred space within. So, that’s how meditation dehypnotizes our mind and awakens the soul within.

Yes, unawareness means being hypnotized by the mind,  controlled by it, that means being slaves of our mind. Our life goes in accordance with the mind programs,  that are conditioned by society, religion, planetary influences, peer pressure etc. This pre-conditioned mind is the biggest magnet, hence we attract, whatever vibrations we have within our body and mind. For example,  if you have suppressed anger then, you would attract disturbed relationships. Plus, we manifest what we believe, for example, if you believe in the omen that when a black cat crosses your path, you would fail in exams, then this belief system will definitely manifest. So, once you reprogram your mind and restructure your beliefs systems through meditation, then this omen will no longer work.


Daily Meditation builds a Stronger “Magnetic Force” within us than outside of us and that’s how it demagnetizes our body, leading us to detachment. When we are detached, we don’t harbour any expectations, we don’t feel hurt and hence easier for us to forgive people, liberate ourselves from pains and sufferings. That’s how we start spreading unconditional love

Additionally, when the soul is awakened through meditation, we are aware and in awareness we are at the centre of the wheel of Life, controlling our wheel of Life. We are no longer influenced by any storms of life, society, or attachment of power, desires, greed, insecurity, jealousy, ego etc. Imagine you are not being on the centre of Wheel of life, rather you are at the circumference of Wheel of life, then you can be blown away, by any influences, storms of life and that is how you get trapped in the karmic cycle.

To summarize meditation helps us to be awakened, centred, aware, detached, breaking all influences and bondages,  allowing Soul to be the Master of Life, and that’s where we are “Liberated.”

Few Points to Ponder

1. If you harbor jealousy for someone within you but you show love and care for that person. That’s also karma because there is a CONFLICT within and outside of you.

2. Next about NON-VEG – People say eating non-veg is karma but I would say it depends. If you have guilt feeling while eating, then that’s definitely a Karma, and you should honour the calling within, to quit eating non-veg. But, if you don’t have any feelings, judgements while eating, you are not trapped in a karma cycle.

But then we are killing animals also? Understand, our body is created that way, we have been given teeth, canine, digestive systems to eat and digest anything plus balance the earth or cosmos ecosystem. If there are no predators, no killings and entire Earth will be overcrowded, leading to an imbalance in the entire ecosystem. That’s why, sometimes Divine calls for natural disasters, like earthquakes, floods etc for thorough cleansing of Karmas (some people die in mishaps) and balance of ecosystem (Planet).

So, in my opinion, pushing someone to quit eating Non -veg, is also huge karma, because you are interfering too much with the person’s soul growth. It’s good to intervene and guide, but not good, to interfere and compelling one to follow your perception.

During meditation, I was advised to learn to be non-judgemental, because judgements stem from belief systems and ego-mind. In my opinion, Spirituality calls for being non-judgemental with zero beliefs systems. SPIRITUALITY MEANS LOVE.

4. SOLDIERS in war killing enemies – incurring karma? Think over it. No, not a Karma! Because he has a duty which is aligned to his country, plus Divine (ecosystems balanced) and outcome yield peace and harmony of his Nation. So, understand that karma is not only about good deeds, it’s also about being in sync and alignment with the universe for peace and harmony of all. Good karmas mean good intention for the well being of all involved.

5. Serving others at the cost of hurting self is also very huge karma.

6. Last and not least – Remember – God is Love, He can never punish us. It’s our Karmas that punish us.!

Loads of Love, Light and Blessings,


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