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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a universal cosmic energy that flows, through our body which is a channel to receive healing energies. The natural cosmic energies, can be directed to our intentions. It helps in emotional, mental, physical, spiritual healing. Through, Reiki we can also send healing to our desires/wishes to help in  manifestation of the same.

How Reiki works?

Reiki is a positive magical energy which can definitely do wonders if done with full faith and dedication. It helps us in following ways:-

  1. Raises our body vibrations, hence aligning it to our wishes/desires for faster manifestation.
  2. Helps to heal the blockages in the way of desire manifestation.
  3. With regular practice, one becomes more patient and acceptable to deal with difficult situation.
  4. It helps to ease our tough karmic baggage/blocks due to which we face difficulties and sufferings.
  5. It helps in developing self -love due to which we are able to spread love to people around us. Always, remember we cannot pour from an empty cup. So, to be able to give love and happiness to others, we must feel happy, content and loved within.
  6. It helps us to focus on positive side in any situation.
  7. Enables you to embrace your challenges
  8. Shift your focus to blessings in life and be grateful to them.

Reiki works for highest good !

I,  have come across many people or clients , who always question –  if Reiki can be used for fulfilling our wishes or desires ,then what would be the difference between Reiki and Black Magic?

After practicing Reiki regularly for years, any healer , would definitely say –  Reiki works like a magic but NOT black magic which is the real truth.

Firstly, it’s important to know that Reiki works for the Highest good only. So, it means that even if you desire , something bad or ill for someone, then it will never ever happen. It will neither harm that person nor harm you for wishing bad. But, it’s effects will just neutralize. Eg: If a person is jealous of his friend for scoring good marks, and comes to a healer to send him healing , so that he fails. Then outcome will be that Reiki healing energy will get neutralized and that friend will succeed, with deserving scores.

An interesting Case

There was another interesting case, where a boy wanted to get married to his girlfriend, so he requested Reiki healing from us. I, along with my sister Charisma, started giving him Reiki healing with full dedication, stating the intention that this boy gets married to his lover with the acceptance of all. But, few months post our healings, we received a call from the boy stating that his lover ditched him, and married another boy. He was really heart-broken, and asked us , if Reiki works like magic then why did this happen to him.  We, could just console him, by saying that Reiki only works for highest good . Also, maybe Divine had better plans for him, which may get revealed at right time.

And, just after a year he found a lovely soulmate who just complimented him. They started living a great life full of love and happiness together. Contrary, to this, he also informed us that, his ex-girlfriend got separated from her husband , as she again found someone else of better status than her husband. And , then he thanked Reiki for saving his life from getting knotted to a wrong person.

So, from this case, we can easily justify that Reiki helped the boy, by connecting him to right Life partner at right time, though he suffered a lot for one year , but he got his answer at the right time. And, if someone tries to make this happen through black magic , then he could have united with his first lover and then badly suffered later for going against Divine’s plan.

And this is just one, of many cases, where wishes of the clients never got manifested , and had reverse effect , because it was not meant to be in their highest Good.

Other Cases

  1. A client got disappointed because,  he could not clear his job interview, but later got a better job with a higher package.
  2. A person was suffering miserably from many organs failure, so he started cursing his life. Once, he got admitted to hospital and approached for healings. Ironically, he couldn’t recover. Reiki helped his soul get release from his sufferings, and transit smoothly to higher dimensions.
  3. Some people unite after years ,while some relationships end, during Reiki healing sessions.
  4. Some people’s health issues or chronic pains never get healed/cured. Reason being, that, they have lessons to learn i.e let go, forgiveness and acceptance. (All suppressed emotions/ energies, if not addressed start showing up at physical level)

And, none knows better than Higher forces/ God , what’s BEST for us. It all depends on what lessons we have to learn from the situation and once we have mastered these lessons, we can easily achieve what we wish.

We, eventually decided to teach/counsel our clients ,

  • To understand what the situation is trying to imply ,
  • Self –  introspect where he/she can improve or work on self,
  • Accept will of God.
  • Lastly, develop attitude of gratitude during such situation.


Always believe in the power of Reiki, if you want the best to happen. Never make a mistake to resort to practices like Black magic or any other practices, that works against the law of nature. By doing this, one can only inculcate more Karmas and invite more sufferings in his/her current lifetime.

“Patience is the virtue “ – There is always high probability , that most of your wishes /desires will get fulfilled, if you regularly practice Reiki, natural healing modalities, law of attraction, gratitude, positive affirmations.

Surrender to Divine

Everything will only manifest at the right time, which can be in days, weeks or many years. But one needs to be consistent and trust Divine energies of Reiki. And if it doesn’t ,then accept it, wholeheartedly, that you have some other incomplete mission , Sanchitt karmas from which you have to balance your karmas and learn your lessons. Lastly, that wish/desire may only end up bringing more unhappiness and sufferings, and Reiki is trying to protect you from further damage.

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