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We have heard many stories about love,  We have read many books and seen so many movies of love stories, We have heard of the prince in the shining armour  , coming to rescue the princess, We have heard about happy endings and lived together forever after ……!
It’s the collective consciousness  that still believes that love exists outside and someone will come in my life and love me so much that I will forget everything and be happy forever after..
It’s also about a belief in a co dependent relationship, a rescuer coming to rescue you from where you are and its about a lifetime of dependence on that person to keep you happy.
Life is full of challenges and ups and downs . Relationship come to teach us a great deal about ourselves . We live in a world where love is taken for granted and walked upon. The moment you claim your love …woosshhh…. there goes the mystery and fun out the door and the relationship starts to wither….. Is it love that you are seeking? Or is it happiness? Oh ! you say, I will be happy once I will find love, once I am married and have children I am complete.
If marriage was happiness and having children a complete life…. every married person would be gleaming in that sunshine.
It’s not about finding the right partner or marriage or family but It’s about the love that you are seeking lies within you…. It’s like trying to find God and not knowing God exists within you and its same with Love…
Oh you ignorant! Why seek love outside when you have an ocean within you ! Why wait for someone to appear so you can shower that love on him ! Oh ignorant it’s only you….so show that love on you ! And see how radiant your life becomes !!
Tap into that ocean of love  within you and ask yourself how you would like to be loved. Do just that and see how many sun glow within you. Your search and loneliness will disappear and what will emerge is a new happy you in love with self.
Look into the mirror and say to yourself “I LOVE YOU!!!!!”

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