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Healing Miracle – A Missing Pet Cat Found !

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Faith in healing is enough for a miracle. Read to know how healings and faith when put together transforms into a Miracle.

It was a chilly evening of December 2019. Half the December has already fled. Christmas was around the corner. The entire city was beautifully decorated with shimmering lights.


I got a call from my animal rescuer friend and she stated that her pet cat Bruce,  had been missing from last 48 hours and was nowhere to be seen.

She told me that, Bruce had never left the house premises ever since her Cat Eva ,gave birth to him. He had no knowledge and skills to survive outside alone. It was the biggest concern. Two days had already past searching him. It was breaking her heart, she was so helpless. She had been roaming day in and day out looking out for him, calling his name out, but all in vain. It was then that she approached me.

In no time did I share Mantras, switchwords, channeled prayers with her, for speedy and safe return of Bruce. She immediately started off with all that I guided her.
I made a knot for Bruce’s safe return and also asked my fellow healers for same and for praying for his speedy and safe return. Days passed, there was no sign of Bruce’s return. My friend was daily chanting and doing prayers . I guided her with. At the same time, I was sending healings to Bruce through various modalities , not only for his return but to keep him safe wherever he was.

Days were passing by, it was Christmas eve and with no return and news of Bruce, the entire family was heart broken. Christmas celebration didn’t mean anything to them. They were only concerned about Bruce and his safe arrival. On Christmas eve, all the family members of my friend did a prayer service for Bruce. Everyone prayed for him.


My friend’s uncle who lives with their family was very attached to Bruce and he was continuously blaming himself about missing of Bruce. His uncle used to put all her 8 cats in and out. The day Bruce went missing, his uncle was guiding all the cats to go inside, Bruce was the last one to have gone inside but in the meantime someone rang the door bell and his uncle went to see whose at the gate. But when he returned, Bruce wasn’t there. On searching he was no where to be seen. So he was continuously blaming himself for that. When my friend told his uncle about healing, he too joined in and started with a routine of chanting and prayers.

Meanwhile my friend and I hadn’t given up hope on him and daily did she pray and daily I sent healings to him.

It had become my friend’s routine to go and check out for him at all possible places where she could find him. It had become her routine to chant and pray for him. This way she was sending messages to Universe, that she still had a hope that Bruce was fine wherever he is and will be back ,however long ,it may take. We both were in touch continuously and I was constantly giving her hope and positivity that Bruce shall return back home soon.


She printed posters for Bruce and stuck them in nearby areas. Even that didn’t help. It was already 25 days since he was missing. One line always kept ringing in my mind that one day Renuka (my friend) will message me “BRUCE IS BACK”. I don’t know why, but I kept getting this message in my mind again and again.

On 19th Jan 2020, my friend told me, that the following day she would be going looking out to the last place, where she hadn’t searched him till then. Fingers crossed !! And we slept that night discussing about Bruce.


It was an extremely cold morning the next day. I was all snuggled up in my cozy bed when the phone pinged my whatsap inbox, hence ignored the message and slept again.

Then, I got up at 8am. Took my phone in hand and opened the whatsap Inbox.

It was Renuka’s Message “BRUCE IS BACK”. I got goose bumps all over my body and tears rolled down my cheeks. Universe had heard our prayers, our faith paid off. I was amazed ,as to how exactly Renuka wrote that had been ringing in my mind from last one month. How beautifully that affirmation manifested!

I thanked Universe, my Ascended Masters, Spirit guides, Guardian angels.

Renuka told me that, on January 20th- 2020,she got up early in the morning  as usual and came out to pick the news paper, to her surprise Bruce was sleeping in a drawer, which she had made for her cats to rest during the day. He returned back after 30 days all safe and sound ,except for the few bruises, which, may have resulted after a cat fight. She never came to know, where he  had been putting up all these days, what he might have eaten, where he might have slept as we all know a domestic animal is used to the home environment, food, water, bed etc. They don’t know how to find food for themselves.

My friend along with her family beautifully arranged a feast for priests and offered, whatever I asked her for Angels and Archangels. They all prayed together and thanked each and every one who lead to the return of Bruce. They paid enough gratitude and she still thanks me. I was just a medium, the miracle was in hand of almighty and the unshakeable faith my friend ,had in healings.


His return was a miracle, for all of us and an exemplary faith in healing which my friend showed for Bruce’s return. I’m ever grateful to all my masters who gave me this knowledge, enlightened my soul and path to help animals. Faith is the foundation of any healing work. Without faith and trust, we face obstacles in manifestation of miracles. Keep faith always. Never get disheartened and believe that everything happens for a reason.

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  1. Wonderful Urvashi.. Yes patience and faith in healing reaps sweet fruits.. N u proved it thorough this article

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