Crying - A healing therapy


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Everyone of us encounter painful situations at some stages of life, which remain suppressed in our subconscious mind. Our disturbed inner child, guilts emotions also come under the category of painful past. And when our inner child is hurt, the foundation to soul development is shaken up badly. When we feel guilty, we lose our self worth. Ask yourself – “At which stage of life do I feel stuck?” You would realize, that we get stuck at an age ,where we received least of love. For example , if I had an unrequited ( or broken)  Love in my teens but now, even though I am married,  I’ll feel stuck at that stage of my life when I encountered Unrequited Love , thereby resulting in a disturbed marriage. You see  with this state, I am unable to enjoy blessings of marriage, kids, spouse and family.



  • If we refuse to let go of our painful past, our body would hold vibrations of pains, hurts within . Now whatever vibrations we have within, we attract same from the cosmos . Yes, cosmos doesn’t  understand what is right and wrong, it simply gives what’s there in our mind . For example,  if you have suppressed anger , you will attract disturbed relationships, but if you are at peace from within, you will find peace in every situation of life. So, it’s very important to heal our past, our inner child, let go of painful memories, to receive new blessings in life. Understand, inflow of anything is possible when there is an outflow.


  • At this moment of writing this article, I am reminded of a thought provoking quote from movie “Dear Zindagi”:-

“Don’t let your past to blackmail your present to ruin your beautiful future”.

  • These negative emotions of past have cascading effects not only on our personality and relationships but also on our  body and career. For example if you have lots of guilts within, you may repeatedly face problems related to stomach area. These negative emotions suppressed within our body, form a layer or blanket over our body cells and organs, which creates further blockages in receiving Love, blessings, happiness , abundance etc. Plus, by not dealing with painful past , we may face anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness etc.


  • Helps us to enjoy living this priceless gift Life and complete our soul mission without being stuck in life.


So,  It’s very important for all of us, to look within, introspect, express our suppressed emotions, and release this baggage, for us to move on joyfully in life and embark on new beginnings.

One of the most effective method of healing past is crying therapy.

Unfortunately, we all have been conditioned by Society that crying is of the weak and a man shouldn’t cry. But, trust me , crying is a therapy indeed, it washes wounds of the soul. If you don’t like to cry , you would never be able to laugh whole heartedly.




  • Self expression of your negative emotions.


  • It washes all your negative emotions, thoughts , feelings which no longer serve your purpose, hence it plays a pivotal role in clearing your chakras, auras or body vibration. Once you start crying, you express your negative emotions, and once you begin to express, your mind is triggered to release more and more.


  • When your mind, energy channels are cleansed, your vibrations are shifted to a new higher level,  and you will attract miracles and abundance.




  • PREPARATION: Get hold of papers & a pen and write & pour out all issues of past and concerned person. Ask yourself at what stage of life do you feel stuck? Which stage of life did you receive least of love?  Just write all feelings / issues in details, because of painful past or tough people or inner child or guilts. Release all pent up emotions. You can take one full day to do this.  Once done or next day, keep a glass of water ready, alongwith this paper. Please make sure that room shouldn’t be full of lights, just a candle lit room with burning incense sticks is an ideal environment for this meditation.


  • MEDITATIVE POSTURE: Sit in a comfortable position in a place where nobody can disturb you during entire healing process.


  • INVOCATION: Invoke your higher self, spirit Guides, guardian angels, archangels, Ascended masters to help you, guide you in the entire healing process of healing past incidences or inner child or guilts.


  • DEEP BREATHING & CENTERING: Close your eyes, breathe deeply, inhaling from nose, holding your breath for few seconds and exhaling from mouth. Do this till you feel relaxed.


  • REWINDING PAST: If you have written the issues mentioned in step 1 please read it again to gradually rewind your past life incidences. Feel all emotions within.


  • CRYING THERAPY: For any past incidences – guilt, traumas, mistakes ,hurts, separations – cry, cry, cry.


  • RELAX: After expressing all your emotions through crying,  you have emptied some space in your soul, mind and body. Now have a glass of water and be relaxed.


  • SELF INTROSPECTION : Fill that space with positive thoughts. Think and introspect – how did these painful past incidences help you? Think- they made you a stronger person, self reliant, weren’t they the push buttons to spirituality? Didn’t they make you a compassionate human being? I tell you ,  these past incidences are actually ‘Blessings in Disguise’. You gotta know how and why through introspection.


  • AFFIRMATION AND GRATITUDE : Finally burn those issues paper that you wrote in step 1, visualize these fumes getting transmuted and going up to the Divine Creator. Affirm “All my negative emotions and painful past have been transmuted infinite times to love, joys and happiness.. I hereby take my past , or my mistakes as lessons and blessings, for they helped me to evolve as a stronger person and, moulded me to a better person. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” If you wish to forgive someone, you may do forgiveness prayer or Ho’oponopono. If you don’t wish to forgive that person, it’s perfectly fine. Don’t push yourself. Please respect your inner guidance. Maybe, you need to release more before you bid final goodbye, to those incidences.

Try these mentioned activities, till you no longer feel the pain of the past.

So, what do you think – does this crying therapy make you weaker or stronger?

I would like to end this article with a note

“Life is only about “Few Decades” .Maybe 7 to 8 decades ..Don’t unnecessarily burden yourself… Open your Heart, let go of your past,  Cherish this present moment, hold hands of loved ones and walk together to enjoy this Scenic Life Journey…. “


Love & Light..!!


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