Heal Depression with Reiki

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What is Depression?

Depression is a mental state where a person loses his worthiness or interest in day to day activities, may feel outbursts of emotions or chronic sadness. This may make the person to give up hopes in life, even when he is blessed abundantly . His mind tends to focus only on events/situations that would lower his self-esteem and bring him more sadness and pain.

There may be changes in behaviour of such person, who may become aggressive, unstable in relationships, may easily develop panic in any situation or may choose to stay  isolated, away from loved ones/ crowd.

It may be short term or long term. But if such feeling is recurring for a long time then this mental state should be addressed seriously either through counselling / diagnosis , followed by meditation and medication.

Many people mistake this mental issue with the feeling of  sadness or loneliness , so they avoid sharing their problems or seeking help, with anyone . Due to which, at a late stage , they are compelled to take wrong actions or undergo severe treatment.

Why is it ignored?

We all must understand that, when we fall sick or experience physical pain , like cold, cough , fracture, injury we visit a doctor immediately , till we are completely cured, just because ,these things are visible to everyone and considered normal.

Issues related to mental health, are invisible, so only the affected person , can help himself, to fight with this illness. So, consider it very normal , to take treatment for the same . Listen to your own soul when it’s crying and shouting for HELP!. It’s only you who can help yourself and push yourself to take right actions Hence, it’s is important not to shy away from this illness and spread awareness about the same, as much as possible.

Apart from medication and counselling, one should also practice meditation in his daily routine. Meditation and healing processes like Reiki, help effectively in relieving deep- buried , suppressed emotions. We must heal at deeper, soul level ,to remain healthy in all ways.

How mental illness affects our behaviour ?

Remember , if our inner feelings or buried emotions or suppressed traumas not addressed , then it starts showing up at physical level as mentioned below:-

  • Through behavior (sad, aggressive, frustrated, trust issues, possessiveness, dominating, complaining on small issues etc)
  • Ill health, weak immunity, chronic physical health problems
  • Addictions(drugs, alcohol, sex, smoking, shopoholic etc)
  • Unhealthy living pattern ( not working, sleeping too much, over eating , insomnia, etc )
  • Engage in crime (murder, rapes, theft)
  • Suicidal tendencies

All these are visible to the world but has anyone questioned why all this happens? Answer is simple – When a person is not healed from within , then his energies start getting channeled in wrong ways. So, for best physical health – health at deepest soul level and mental level is most important.

Different types of approach towards this issue

Some people realize their issue instantly and through proper counselling/ meditation get healed immediately. Some choose to live with this illness throughout life , till it aggravates so much that they start showing physical symptoms as mentioned above. While some approach at a very late stage, so either their treatment is prolonged or it becomes very difficult to bounce back , to normal. We should also learn to fight the feeling loneliness and unworthiness by opening up to our loved ones and expressing our issues openly.

So, one must be very patient and calm while dealing with his ailment , for wellness of self as well as well-being of people around.

How can Reiki heal?

Reiki is a very good technique, that works deeply, on the issues causing depression and bring them to surface so that they are released and sent to light. Our mental vibrations are raised to higher level and we become more aware about our needs , so we work on them. With consistent practice, full faith, belief and strong intentions ,for at least 21 days , one may find their way out of the darkness of depression.

Constant practice of meditation ,balances any hormones or physical causes , further releasing vibrational energies, leading to depression. Our soul, mind and body feels uplifted and we accept all situations and people , in a better way. Most importantly we accept our-self the way we are, and our Life as a GIFT from DIVINE.

Wishing you all Love, Light and Good health always..!




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