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Five Reiki Principles as Affirmations

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Five Affirmative sentences to reprogram your mind (Reiki Principles)

Greetings everyone. In this article, I would like to discuss  about five affirmative  statements which will transform your life. These five affirmative statements are also called 5 Reiki principles, were laid down by Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki Healing System. However, these 5 Reiki principles can be said by anyone – children, kids, old people etc.

Five Reiki Principles

Five Affirmative Sentences

I request all readers to take a deep breath and read very slowly these 5 affirmative sentence/ 5 Reiki principles to understand its benefits

  1. Just for Today, I will not worry

  2. Just for Today, I will not get angry.

  3. Just for Today, I will be kind to everyone.

  4. Just for Today, I will work hard honestly.

  5. Just for today, I will be grateful to all my blessings.

Mind in action

Positive affirmations
Reprogram your mind

Observe the energy working within you. Something magical happened . Check below:-

  1. You registered these statements in your mind.
  2. The mind will process the information.
  3. Then this will reprogram your belief system.
  4. Observe, we used Just for Today in every statement. It means giving a command to your brain to let go of past – the past which has gone and to not focus in future for its unpredictable. The mind then edits its dictionary and reprograms our belief system to live our life to the fullest in the present moment. Yes, present moment is the most creative moment for creating wonderful future, beautiful memories and blissful life.

Energy Working

Now let’s discuss energy working of these 5 affirmative sentences in detail

1.Just for today, I will not worry

Yes its normal human tendency to worry almost for everything. Like Education , Career , Marriage of our Near and Dear ones.

Let me ask you one thing :-

By worrying does that situation change?

If the answer is NO than why to worry. Leave that to Almighty.. But if the answer is YES, then work hard, give efforts  towards results, to ease your worries.

Understand, when we worry, our heart, mind, organs get contracted. Due to which we are not in receptive mode and hence we are not receiving Blessings , Love, Opportunity which life offers us

Stating this statement daily will help us to live life more effectively, happily and graciously than being stuck in worries.

2. Just for today, I will not get angry

After all, anger is a natural human tendency. Its definitely not bad to be angry . However, allowing anger to overpower you, allowing anger to influence you, will get you in karmic trap. There can be heated arguments, one may say or commit hurtful things, and then entire relationship can go topsy –  turvy. We all know the cost of anger. It brings hormonal changes , boil our blood, increase blood pressure, which can lead to body shock and can damage body organs like kidneys.

So by stating this daily, we become alert about anger. It helps us to PAUSE during anger emotions. With this daily affirmation, we don’t react immediately but pause. We then are able to express our anger emotions in a clear, precise, polite and assertive way which make people around us to understand us in a better way. Hence, it improves our relationship bond because there is open yet respectful expression.

3.Just for today, I will be kind to everyone.

Show Love and Respect for every soul, everyone and everything

 in universe. Generally people do exactly opposite to this. They expect lot of things from others than actually working upon themselves. They simply want to only receive than giving out first. Start loving yourself first, then entire world will love you. Start giving Respect to others first , you will get the same from others. According to the Law of Attraction, whatever you give, comes back to you. Everything in universe is balanced, plus universe doesn’t understand what is good or bad. Universe simply gives us as per our belief system, and actions. So, if  you give out Love, you will get Love. Similarly, if you give our hatred or Jealousy you will receive the same.

During this current pandemic Covid – 19 situation, there has been a lot of negative energies, anxiety & fear amongst the people.   Many fell sick, many lost lives, many lost jobs and homes. Its high time to show kindness, help people,  spread love, instill hope in everyone and heal Mother Earth through prayers or energy healings. Your acts of kindness, will be definitely returned in manifolds during your darkest times.

Stating this daily, will constantly remind you, that whatever you wish to receive in your life be it love, blessings, appreciation, money, etc you need to give out first.

4.Just for today, I will work hard honestly.

Almost all humans keep dreaming, they don’t give efforts. They then cheat themselves, start blame game and blame destiny or others.

We should not expect any Output unless we give Input. Many people think only about Output. But according to Law of Universe & Law of Physics, Output is possible only when there is Input. So, work hard for your dreams and goals because only you can manifest your dreams.

By stating this affirmation daily will help us to stay committed, work with integrity, fulfill our life purpose, duties, responsibilities and being loyal to self and others. It helps us to be the Master of Life and creator of destiny.

5.Just for today, I will be grateful to all my blessings.

Have the Attitude of Gratitude. Never show Ego Attitude to anyone. When we are Grateful we are changing our focus from Finite problems to Infinite Blessings. Gratitude shifts our focus from Problems to solutions and Opportunities.

Mind is a most powerful Magnet. We connect to Cosmos through Mind and that’s how we receive everything as per our mind vibrations. So, when you complain you will get only problems but when you shift your mind and be grateful then you will feel infinitely blessed. Its rightly said that, the depth of Abundance depends upon the depth of Gratitude.

So stating this affirmation daily shifts our mind focus to a higher level. This in turn establishes and strengthens connection with Higher Self, cosmos to receive love and abundant blessings.

 So, How to do it?

Daily in morning when you get up, just state these 5 affirmstive statements and you eill see the magic in one month. Somerhing shifts, something transforms from within. Then the eotld around you will automatically shift with your new transformed positive vibrations.

“Be grateful, laugh, spread kindness, work hard, stay calm and live life.”

Loads of Love & Blessings


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