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Do not let fear treat you, do not treat fear as bigger than you.

Treat your fear as a wand, overcome the glitch.

Treat your fear the last thing you ever met in the darkness of the room and also in outside your home in a day light.

Treat your fear to help you learn lesson and mould you as a better person.

Help someone who treat your fear as own and help you overcome the pitfalls.

Fear is necessary to help grow out of the shell, around the cocoon before the butterfly looms the silken treat around you.

Fear is necessary to understand self the limits and the strength of you.

Fear is necessary to experience that you already won “IT”.

Fear is necessary to become the pole start to guide others when they are in a shell like you.

Fear is the last thing I shared with someone in private.

Fear is something I shared with my inmates.

I tasted fear sometimes very bitter and unpleasant.

I experienced fear has become strength with my growing wings.

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