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What is EASTER?

To most it is a festival, to be celebrated as others, a visit to the church and eat, drink and make merry afterwards.  Of course the mandatory good wishes sent to everybody …. these days  mostly a click to forward on Whatsapp.
But as with every festival, the true deeper meaning that is universal and applies to all religions is forgotten.
Just as Easter signifies the Resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified and presumably died on the cross,
likewise, we also need to resurrect ourselves:-
  • To raise the Christ consciousness within our souls
  • Releasing our lower energies
  • Raising our vibration
  • To spread love and light into this planet we call our home
  • Our mother who is always providing,  always nurturing
  •  Always resurrecting her resources to ensure that we are not lacking.


There is only ONE DIVINE SOURCE, that religion has named GOD. 
ALL creation comes from it and is and will always be a part of this DIVINE SOURCE.
And if that is so, WE ARE ALL ONE.
The DIVINE is in each and everyone of us.  We need to resurrect it and make an attempt to reawaken to move forward on our Spiritual path, the one our Soul has chosen for us in this and other lifetimes.
Let us all help each other by spreading LOVE,  LIGHT, POSITIVITY,  HAPPINESS,  PEACE and FORGIVENESS.
Not only will we help others, we ourselves will be tremendously benefited.
All the Divine Lightworkers  are always ready to help us when we call upon them for help, specially for spiritual awakening and alignment to Divine Order.