Change your Destiny through Graphology

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The most difficult thing while making great changes is to take the first step forward. It is not too late for you to improve something in your life that you really want to change. No matter what age you are at.

I still remember a step taken by me has changed the things in my life. I am a teacher by profession and into tuitions since 1993. I am blessed with two daughters . I was totally occupied with them and my tuitions, but somewhere deep down, I always had the urge of doing something more in my life.When my elder daughter got admission in an engineering college in the year 2013 and she moved to Chennai ,then instead of feeling low , I thought of doing some courses without disturbing my routine and family life.

As it is always said that GOD help those who help themselves, I got an opportunity to learn Graphology. The classes were on the weekends . So I planned on joining it as it lured and spoke to me. I would have loved to learn the mindset of a person through his or her handwriting. .So I just gave my 100% to learn this and did a lot of samples to get confidence and accuracy of doing analysis of a person.

Make a small change; if that is what is possible. From that small change and success , you will gain confidence and you can build up on that and make more and perhaps even bigger changes. For me it was the first baby step towards my new journey of learning new things in life and after that I kept on learning new things in my life.


One day I thought its good to know about a person”s mindset by simply seeing his/her handwriting but what to do if that person wants to change his or her letter formations .A person learns letters in school .Teacher teaches every formation in school or parents teach a child at home but signature is something which no one teaches you .You attract your sign subconsciously according to the experiences you get in your life.

I want to throw some light on is the Science of understanding human sub conscious mind through handwriting. Your handwriting is the imprint of your personality with all its strengths and weaknesses. Everything in life begins with a thought. One letter is one thought and complete word is many thoughts put together which makes an action. Series of action makes an activity ,that makes a habit and eventually a character of a person is made.



  • Understanding Yourself –Right from your childhood you have gone through a lot of innumerable experiences, some are good and some are bad and those experiences make your personality.
  • Child Development—If you are aware of how your writing affects a mindset, you can teach your  child the right formations of letters from their beginning.
  • Criminology -It assists police to solve crimes as I said writing is the mindset of a person.
  • Recruitment— It helps in hiring people according to their mindset as writing shows whether a person is good in field work or table work.
  • Selecting a Life Partner—Graphology helps in a big way in finding the compatibility between two people and help in selecting a right partner .
  •  Selecting a Business Partner—It helps in finding whether a business partner is good or a cheat and helps in a big way to find through writing.

But there are some limitations to this also. It cannot tell you the future, nor the gender of a person .


Sign has to be simple and legible. Sign is something which no school or a parent teaches you. You attract it subconsciously and then you attract the things in your life according to the vibrations of your sign.


This sign is not good as it will cause lots of challenges, unnecessary things in life.


As it is rightly said that charity begins at home .Same rule is applicable everywhere. I changed my husband’s sign few years back. See, after a certain age it is difficult to change your whole personality. So I work with 7 major letters which are important in life and correct formations of those that give a person Success, good house, some talent which acts as a stress buster, good money and a disease free life.

I work with those letters, combine it with healing process and person feels a positive change in themselves. After learning this beautiful Science of GRAPHOLOGY, I analyzed and gave solutions to many people and it really helped them.

One day my husband was very tensed .Usually he never shares his professional life at home but that day he told me that he got a new Boss and is creating a lot of problems .Though I have told him many times earlier to change his sign as it was not good for him but he was reluctant to do that thinking that it is a tedious job to change it officially. But when he was facing this problem, one day he went to the Bank and changed his Sign officially .After almost four- five months ,he got a very good job offer from another company and he took a change. That was a life changing incident happened in our lives .He has been satisfied with his work and was happy to accept new things in life since then. I was happy because he got this opportunity after changing his sign.

It gave me confidence that no one can help you except you yourself.


Every cells gets replaced by new cells after every three four months and so do  your Brain cells .So when you work consciously on your subconscious mind ,the brain cells get activated and start working in a positive direction .So change yourself and whole thing will change for you in a positive way

“Transform self by reprogramming brain cells through graphology. So, either learn graphology or seek consultation of an expert graphologist to change your life.”

For more information, you can visit my facebook page ANANDAM CLUB {} , where testimonials are there given by the people ,who genuinely felt the difference in their life.

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  1. Very well written .Yes graphology can depict the mindset of the person. It is a good medium to find out about teenager children, I have personally asked about my kids & got to know the things that kids sometimes avoid to share with the parents.Ruchididi is very good graphologist as most of the time her analysis is 100% true.

  2. Amazing article👍🏻I have just started learning very basics of graphology & would love to explore it further if personal training or workshops available online. Please let me know….. my whatsapp no. Is 9158275595

  3. A very descriptive write up and extremely inspiring indeed ! The drive that led you to identify and then pursue a new area of interest is so well explained. Thanks for sharing your story ! Good luck 😃

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