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Challenges- Blessings in Disguise !

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Life is enjoyed when you face problems and challenges and be happy with them…” Tipu Sultan

Light and dark are two sides of a coin

Both light and dark are inseparable. In fact, in thick darkness, we appreciate light more. For example, a burning candle is valued more in a pitch dark room, than in a well lighted room. Similarly, diamonds or stars shine more brightly in dark. You can experience light. only when you are ready to face challenges (darkness) through your inner potential. You, then bid adieu to darkness and welcome light, success and abundance.

Accept this Rhythmic Life

Have we all realized that the pattern of life , is perfectly in sync with our heart beats – up and down. What will happen if, our heart beat, becomes a stable line? Doctors declare it dead. There is no life. The essence of life ,is in challenges and surprises.


Transformation happens when you “ACCEPT” life , with all of its shades.  The dark shades of life actually play t, he biggest role in life. They actually brighten up the entire life. Yellow color glows more in black colour than in white colour. So, Accept failures and dark days as learning opportunities, to mould you to a better person , and further prepare you for success. Transform failures to lessons, challenges to success, and that transformation process, solely depends on your inner potential, grit and perception.

Nature’s Beautiful Creations are borne from transformation  of challenges

Quotes by Charisma

To live in darkness and ignorance is easier, than to live in light and face challenges, but then beauty of life, creation and potential, can not experienced. Did you observe, an embryo in a mother’s womb of humans or animals, a beautiful tree that emerges from the seed, an egg that hatches into life, they all start their origin from darkness. But once they are ready to face light they break all barriers and grow. A caterpillar grows into a butterfly , when it breaks free from its embryo of limitations.

Let’s talk about our Life

Quotes by Charisma
Embrace Challenges (Charisma)


When we take birth, we realize that Life is very well equated to challenges. We face challenges everywhere – relationships, spouse, friendships, enemies, children, parents etc. We have challenges , in work front too with our bosses and colleagues. We have challenges , with regards to our own self too—our physical ailments, our mental and emotional profile. Because challenges surround our lives, most of us, seem to be overwhelmed with these hardships, that they succumb to depression, anxiety, compelling them, to think that the grass is always greener on the other side. Hence, we feel biased, unhappy from within

Everyone’s life is well compensated

It’s definitely not like that. Everyone’s life is well compensated? Choice is ours, whether we want to perceive it as a blessed one or not. Moreover, We have to accept this ,that life without challenges is No Life at all, there would be no realization of  soul hidden potential. Embrace Challenges because they lead to self realization.

The purpose of challenges or limitations in our soul mission and life purpose.

Challenges purpose in spiritual development

The main purpose of soul being incarnated here, is to realize the soul in human form. Now prior to our incarnations, we all made soul contracts with people, decided our karma lessons, designed our own challenges at various levels – physical, mental, emotional, genetic etc. Everything was predestined, preplanned by us prior to our incarnations.  After this life script is developed by us, we take birth, to simply play our role , in order to achieve soul’s purpose, master life lessons, balance Karmas, realize self, to finally understand that , everyone is Divine’s perfect creations and all are playing their role on the basis of their own soul script.

After having realized the above,  its easier for us to be detached from worldly drama and influences and get attached to soul within. We are able to forgive and let go of past with ease. We become compassionate beings and that’s how we spread love, joys and happiness, because we aren’t expecting anything from anyone. We inhabit no fears. Why fear and expect when we have realized the concept of ‘Script of Life’. Who taught us this lesson? Challenges, failures, painful past, toxic relationship etc.. They pushed us to look inwards, to understand this concept.

Challenges in Relationships

We seek Happiness when others love us, respect us, give us recognition, appreciation etc. Now let’s go deeper, if we get all this above happiness ,from outside,–we won’t have a strong reason to look inwards, we will miss the soul’s most important lesson – SELF realization and real permanent happiness resides in us. Moreover, we realize true people , only in our darkest times of life.

Challenges in career, work, duties

Similarly, in career or duties and responsibilities, we are given lots of challenges to prove ourselves for promotion or increment. There are politics everywhere. People feel so stressed with work pressure and politics. I believe politics is good too, they are keeping you , on your toes, to be persistent, to thrive for perfection, to grow into a more competitive individual. These challenges are actually giving us a hidden opportunity,  to deliver ourselves,  in the best possible way. Don’t you think they are the  ‘push buttons’ to our success?

Challenges with our own physical self

Let’s talk about our own self. Everyone has own set of strengths and weaknesses and this combination of strengths and weaknesses together define their uniqueness. I often see people don’t accept their weaknesses. They crib or complain! Understand that while strengths , help us in achieving our life goals, weaknesses too play an equally important role in life. These weaknesses give clarity to our life mission by ruling out life’s various possibilities. For example , a person may not be a good athlete but can be a great artist, writer or speaker.

So, our both strengths and weaknesses together help in dealing with challenges in a successful way. Imagine without weaknesses, the purpose isn’t defined, we wouldn’t be unique. We all would be Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa everything in us. Then what would be our definite role, if we didn’t have any limitations?


Quotes by Charisma

Remember, the very fact you are still alive, itself means you still have the strength and capability , to deal with this challenging life. Till the time you are alive, you aren’t allowed to give up and close this beautiful book of “LIFE.”

Don’t complain but accept these challenges as blessings, to unleash your hidden potential to lead you to success.

“Face all challenges with Love, Gratitude and Grace to create a Blissful Life.!”


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