Card Reading (05/09/2022-11/09/2022)

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Weekly Guidance – Guiding Light

In your darkest hour, you will find the light that will shine through you and lead the way.

It is time for you to turn on the light that is within you. You have been sitting in the darkness long enough. You have convinced yourself that things are hopeless, that things cannot get better, and that there is no way out.

Your Angels and Guides come to you today and assure you this is not true.The longer you feed into the illusion that things will never get better, the longer you will continue to be disconnected from the one source that can help you. That source is within you.

It is a part of you and, therefore, it is you. There is a light in you, a light that is connected to your true source and to your true infinite wisdom.

We become disconnected to this guiding light when we worry too much, become angry, frightened, jealous, or even resentful.

If we stay in these emotional states for too long, we forget to breathe, we forget to believe, and we forget to love. Think of this light like a lantern you are holding when you are alone in the darkness out in the woods.

The lantern will only help you to see clearly if you take the time to ignite the flame. If you choose not to, however, you will have to find your way through the darkness with nothing to guide you.

This light from within you is waiting to guide you. It can awaken you in times of darkness if you only take time to connect with it.

Turn the light on from within and you will begin to see that the solutions to your problems are right in front of you.

Credits – Guiding Light Oracle Card by Kelly T Smith.