Because I am a GIRL !

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I was not allowed to spread my wings because I was a girl !!
I was told to be in limits of the whirl……
my wings were wounded,
My heart was bounded !!
I wanted to break free…
To be ME on a spree…
An energy of high velocity,
A thousand walt capability 
But alas i was born a girl!!!
I was told not to shine my pearls
my self esteem was bleeding….
I was thrown in a marriage of binding, 
They said this is what you are born for 
They said this is what you have to die for….
I started thinking, this is my life 
because, i know nothing of the strife…
But, as the years passed by,
My heart sank into a fry!!
All were happy around me,
But where was happiness of me
My heart was yet bound…
Wanted to be free astound.
Years and years of agony 
An Indian women’s ideal story 
Urging to break free… 
To shine like a star on top of a tree!!
To get worthiness of my soul
To shine the light of the soul…
Dillying dallying amongst all around me 
And my desires buried deep in me.
Lets see who wins !
This belief and conditioning and the pins…
Or the shining pearls of the universe, that has to shine one day in verse..
Oh see there shines a GIRL!!

1 thought on “Because I am a GIRL !”

  1. Beautifully penned. Yes days are changing slowly and steadily. In the present scenario everyone wishes to have a girl child.

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