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I know the Angels are there !
Then why do i feel bare,
They kiss on my tears…..
Still i feel the fears.
Why can i not feel them when in pain?
Is it that the veils are in strain?
How do i release feeling of being alone in darkness….
The pain that I am feeling in my deep recesses,
Keeps making a dark hole,
Who will pull me back from this hole,
Angels whisper “U block us when u cry,
Faith seems to be a fish fry !
The anger is so large,
That even we cannot barge…..
We try our best to make you warm!
But you shrug off saying “go go” gone
So we wait in patience till u calm,
And you feel maybe we are gone “
Then king of Angels spoke, he said,
“We love you till eternity
Your life path is our destiny,
We stand in patience holding you
You know we are the one who love you”

In their grace, I feel calm again,
I know now, in my pain I Cannot feel….

As I numb myself from all around.
I also numb the feelings of Angels sound…

Slowly I allow myself to feel even when i am in pain,
And I gather strength to know the gain.

I am open and in charge,
I dont feel as lost or discharge.

I thank the Angels for the love!
I am in grace of the divine above!!!

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