A STORY on SOUL JOURNEY through “Ocean and shore”

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What is Soul Journey ?

Hello everyone !

People had been asking me to share insights of what exactly is the soul journey? How do we take birth or incarnate on Earth, what exactly is the awakening and liberation process?

I feel that through this below story of “Ocean and Shore”, you will be able to understand everything about spiritual journey of awakening and liberation or Moksha.


I got this insight about entire life on Earth in one of my meditative sessions. Before we get into reading the article below….

I would request everyone to visualize or imagine in your mind that, the vast ocean with waves and that OCEAN is EARTHLY dimension Plane. Then, next, the ocean SHORE as the SPIRIT dimensions Plane

So now perfect Ocean as Earth and Shore as Spiritual plane.

Now let’s read this story:-


I was sitting at the ocean-‘shore’, the shore of spirit World Dimensions, discussing with higher spiritual beings like Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels etc. about my soul mission, understanding karmic lessons, various relationships, mental, emotional, physical, genetic profile of my soul, life script with various Heavenly guides, spirits. I knew that since I had lots of imbalanced Karmas, lack of awareness of realizing soul in body form, I had no other choice but to incarnate again and take up another journey necessary for my soul growth.


At Divine Time, I INCARNATED and took a birth by ‘diving’ in the deep ocean of Earthly plane & there I was sucked by the tsunami waves of Ocean- the gravity of earth and I got entangled in the webs of Influences of Societal conditioning, karmas, mind , that it eventually led to spiritual Amnesia. As per my predestined or preplanned life script, I met my loved ones and others too in that ocean of Earth planes i.e. Soul mates, karmic Relationships busy with their personal soul journey – drowning and being drugged by the worldly pleasures. We were happy, yet not happy. I could sense a huge vacuum within us, amidst all materialistic pleasures.


Suddenly, my eyes saw something up there on the surface of the ocean & I saw few people swimming there- those were AWAKENED SPIRITUAL PEOPLE. I also heard them calling me up and that’s where the journey of spiritual awakening began. I battled with myself, with my ‘societal conditioned influenced mind’, seeking help of those spiritual guides, soul companions who were swimming up there. And when I finally managed to go up to the top surface of the Ocean, I got to see the entire view of the ocean – bird view of earth life. Yes I could also see that shore, where I was sitting before my reincarnation or before my birth. Wow! I was on the top of the world, the veil of amnesia was getting uplifted, and I was regaining consciousness, recollecting all soul memories and all my previous soul journeys. I felt light, not suffocated too. I was able to breathe freely, the oxygen i.e. my own soul energies, kundalini energies that became dormant, immediately after birth, and now got awakened. And I could feel something different from within, oh! The inner peace. I happily embraced this beautiful journey of my soul.

With great joy, I dipped again, telling my loved ones who were sinking and encouraged them to wake up and learn to swim in order to see the reality but none believed in me. Maybe it wasn’t their right time for spiritual awakening. They instead said “Its hallucinations ! You see spirituality is all about intangible energies.” Upset I was, yet the calling within me was so strong that I decided to honour it, and embarked on this journey of spiritual soul search.


I would say , it was really a lonely, painful soul journey , to learn to ascend to the top of the Ocean surface – which actually called for tough, persistent and conscious efforts , of removing thick layers of fake individuality, shedding layers of old self, to become lighter and lighter to be able to swim with ease. But then, later I felt a sense of peace, deep contentment in my aloneness, for I was complete within.

Gradually, there I met many beautiful spiritual companions, soul tribes, soul family members. We motivated each other to keep swimming, as well as help and guide those who wanted to be rescued .This defined the soul journey of a Light-worker , which includes teaching and providing healing services to humanity. In this vast oceanic earthly plane, I found a great opportunity to dissolve my ego, judgments, beliefs etc.

I realized that everything is Divine- there is no good/ bad nor any right/ wrong. What a great joy! To see the ocean as a whole – those tides, waves and life’s challenges.  Being on top surface of the ocean, I got the bird’s view opportunity and got the broader perspective to my moves. I felt I conquered my Destiny and yes! I became the master of my entire soul journey.

As I gradually swam to the ocean shore, I was able to swim in a balanced way – because I was aware, I was enlightened. I was at the center of the Wheel of this soul journey controlling my life than being blown away through influences of life and worldly desires, pleasures etc. I was swimming in a perfect way, because I had balanced all my Karmas, through my inner Soul wisdom, as I got detached from all materialistic worldly pleasures. The soul force within me got stronger than the earth’s gravity outside. And that’s the Ultimate glory!!


Now here again in AFTERLIFE SPIRIT DIMENSIONS, I sit at the ocean shore, post my physical body death. I am Basking under Divine Eternal Light. After completing my soul journey I feel a great sense of freedom deep within. Yes! I am liberated from all bondages and attained Moksha through inner soul search, breaking away from the clutches of preconditioned -robotic- influenced mind and allowing my soul within to be the master of this journey.

So, now I have the freedom to relax here and bathe in Divine Glory OR dive again to experience another beautiful soul journey which includes soul search in body form and at the same time helping and awakening people, stuck deep beneath the Ocean’s surface, from drowning further! But I know it’s my choice, and I have the full freewill, whether to reincarnate or not, but yes I am no more bounded by Karmas or anything!”

Happy Spiritual Awakening!

Wishing you all a beautiful and enlightening soul journey!

Fall and Rise in Love with Yourself!



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  1. Very nicely written , it motivated me.. Thanks for your view.. keep sharing such nice Article on Spirituality..

  2. Beautiful as always. Love reading your articles on Spirituality. Thanks for sharing wisdom and keep sharing more, as these writings are quite helpful.

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