Journey After Life


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I had a dream wherein I had a glimpse of my death.

As I moved out of my body, after its death, I sat beside it, looking at my own body with deep love.  I was gently caressing my body, though i couldn’t touch it because I was now in spirit form.

Suddenly a profound realization happened – I realized the importance of this 3d body  being the vehicle of soul, expressing soul – the love,  healings through hugs, kisses, kind words etc. Isn’t our body an only mechanism to manifest Soul potential and power?

I looked at eyes through which I saw beauty of the world,

Ears that heard tunes of life,

Brain that processed information, 

Lips that spoke my mind,

Heart that managed to beat through the rhythms of life,

Hands that cared for people,

Stomach that generated energy for survival of body,

Reproductive organs that led to  birth, 

Legs that travelled through the entire life..

I was so touched, that I instantly whispered in ear-

“Thank You Charisma…”


Hmm, how I wished it could hear me for the last time. But, sadly it was gone…

Suddenly, I was taken aback when I saw my dead body being surrounded by loved ones, who were grieving about my loss, weeping – some silently,  some loudly . I followed through the entire ritual, by being around my body until it was cremated and merged with Mother Earth… Yet, Somehow, I was feeling uncomfortable. I then asked myself that why am I feeling uneasy? Have I missed something?


Credits : Vivek Sharma
Credits : Vivek Sharma

Yes, often we entangle ourselves in life with our own desires, and expectations that we miss finding Joys in ordinary moments, we miss cherishing the priceless gift that is our body, we miss treasuring the blessings of life. We chase people, we chase our dreams so much that we ignore fetching some time to PAUSE just to laugh, sing, dance, play, read, paint, etc.

Yes, we often miss igniting sparks of happiness within,  that’s how we missed finding sacred space within, we missed falling in love with Life. Being trapped and entangled in those endless desires, we fail to understand that our Soul’s only purpose is to experience this enchanting life through Love, sweet pain experienced through our body, and the Soul’s only lesson is to find happiness in limited possibilities…

I was soon comforted with  the warm embrace of Angels,  who then took me to Light… !!



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