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3 Ways To Relieve Stress

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All of us at some point or the other feel stressed. It doesn’t matter how old we are or what we do. Stress happens to all of us. However, it’s never the situation that is stressful but our response to it can create stress for us. Whether it’s a deadline, its money or it’s a heartache, anything can trigger stress. Here are some healthy habits and techniques that people can adopt to cope with stress and enhance their ability to respond to it.

Breathwork for Stress

Breathwork is an absolutely indispensable technique to calm down the pacing heartbeat as stress isn’t a real thing; it is only a psychological state that manifests into physiology through secretion of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Breathwork can slow the heartbeat and reduce stress. While doing breathwork, we shift our focus from the situation or person that caused stress to our breath; this mitigates the effects of stress. Also, breathwork is a great form of exercise to safeguard your immunity and strengthen your respiratory system. To learn the best techniques of breathwork, get in touch with a yoga teacher, a spiritual healer or a meditation expert

Aromatherapy for Stress

Aromatherapy uses essential oils which can alleviate stress. They can also boost respiratory health through aromatic pigments. The best essential oils for relieving stress would be bergamot, lavender, lemongrass, orange, ylang ylang, frankincense and lemon. Ensure that you buy pure grade essential oils for maximum benefits. Buy these oils only from trusted sellers (many sellers sell cosmetic grade oil in the name of essential oil). To learn how to use these oils, get in touch with a spiritual healer or an aromatherapist.

Meditation for Stress

Research has proven that meditation is an effective way of coping with stress. Practising meditation helps prevent the fear-based responses by our primal brain. When this happens, the body doesn’t react to stressful triggers and produce cortisol. Instead, meditation is known to promote serotonin which calms the mind down. Meditation helps people stay more present in the moment. To learn how to meditate or for guided meditations, get in touch with a meditation expert or a spiritual guru.

Final Word

There are many more things that can help cope up with the stress. However, stress should be not just handled on a physiological level but also on a psychological level. Hence, techniques and methods that alter the brainwaves are recommended.