2021 Zodiac Predictions

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Something has been lost, but you have gained maturity and wisdom. You maybe disappointed and hurt by a betrayal or withdrawal, but you sense things happen for a reason. Be honest to yourself, you have the strength to use a painful episode ad a catalyst for growth.


There is progress but after a significant amount of struggle. You are getting your conscious and unconscious sides together to achieve your goal. You will realise that everything contains its opposite, without which it cannot be whole. Future is protected and an awareness of the fluid nature of time itself.


2021 is a meditative period for you. Your self knowledge and spiritual wisdom shines forth, but yet your own attitude is profoundly humble. This year you will be working selflessly and some people may also tap into the energies of underworld. All the answers that you seek is within you.


Money, security and family matters will play a very important role this year. A little windfall or some extra cash could be on its way, or a happy news about someone close. If you are romantically involved, this is a peaceful phase. There will soon be something to celebrate – mark the moment, don’t just let it slip past.


A curious and usually a well educated person, your flirtatious charms are highly entertaining, but you maybe wary of passion and be disconcerted by overtly displays of emotions. Mental compatibility is important to you, without it you will grow bored and lose interest.


A lot of optimistic vibrations. There will be a lot of opportunities, and few maybe from the past deals which were made. Introductions and invitations spring from established contacts- but not always in the way you imagine. Be open, either you or someone who is entering your life is going to be successful and generous.


There is emotional, mental and physical well being. Peak experiences and joyful fulfilment awaits you. Current/Future relationship will bring love and harmony to you. New levels of mutual pleasure and intimacy are now possible.


Ambition, focus and obsession will rule this year. Your aspirations may interfere with your relationships – the need and desire to be successful means more than anything else. Try to schedule time for your partner or simply for fun with friends.


An inspiring friendship encourages your own creativity and sparks of brilliant ideas and humorous moments. It may not lead to romance, but may warm up your heart. Say yes! to healthy relationship 🙂


Find some peace and quiet, seek sanctuary and restore your inner equilibrium. Mental rest is more important than physical rest. You are mentally exhausted and need to stop and feed your mind and spirit.


Subtle tensions and hidden agendas are present in your life. If you have been expecting conflict, you are now entering a brief period of peace, but it is a ceasefire, and not a lasting resolution. Underlying issues must be addressed before real progress can unfold.


There will be a willing self sacrifice, spiritual enlightenment comes as a result. You will be working a lot on your subconscious mind and unconscious life, nothing is quite as what it appears to be. Some family news on its way.

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